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Faculty Support

Monica Stearns, Director
90979444McDonough Hall Room 477A
Steven Luhr, Executive Assistant to Monica Stearns
91269444McDonough Hall Room 477
Anna Selden, Assistant Director
94059444Williams Library Room 176B
Betsy Kuhn, Faculty Manuscript Editor
94079444McDonough Hall Room 477B
Angie Villarreal, Operations & Special Projects
65859444McDonough Hall Room 477D
Jennifer Lane, Clerkship & Technology
96459444McDonough Hall, 4 NE Corner
Lindsey Carson, Project Coordinator
94179444McDonough Hall Room 475
Jonathan Dromgoole, Workshop Coordinator
94069444McDonough Hall Room 477

Copy and Print Services

Ronnie Rease, Customer Services Supervisor
92869444McDonough Hall Room 475
Dezmond Richardson, Customer Service Assistant
92879444McDonough Hall Room 475
James Harris, Customer Service Assistant
96489444McDonough Hall Room 475
Tyreese Brown, Customer Service Assistant
92799444McDonough Hall Room 475
George Belton, Xerox Account Coordinator
93699444McDonough Hall Room 475
Copy Center
9358 McDonough Hall Room 475
9279 600 New Jersey Avenue

Financial & Business Services

Tia Joiner Sawaid, Director of Financial & Business Services
98779444McDonough Hall Room 477C
Andrea Lachin, Business Services Manager
94859444McDonough Hall Room 479
Jade Belton, Customer Service & Subscription Manager
92889444McDonough Hall Room 477C


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