Existing Technology

Key technology upgrades have been made over the summer of 2013 that baseline our classroom technology to the following configuration:


  • Projector with screen
  • All-In-One Dell computer with MS Office, Internet Access, Zoom (with a webcam) and region free video player
  • Wireless solar powered Keyboard and Mouse
  • DVD player
  • Speakers with amplification
  • AV rack to house all equipment
  • Speakerphone - with fast dials to security, facilities and our service desk
  • Signs with instructions

(Additional technology is available
in certain classrooms)

As part of the Summer 2013 upgrades, all of the old TVs hanging from the ceiling were removed from the classrooms as the in-classroom PC will be used for cablecasting in the future. A couple of classrooms were further updated, according to our technology plan, that was created in collaboration with the faculty technology committee and your feedback from this summer's technology survey, that calls for Simplified Controls, Wireless Projection, High Definition wide-screen Projectors, Digital Inputs/Outputs, Remote Control/Management, Student Microphones in all the Halls and support for Distance/Online Learning - for more details, please click on the appropriate tab on this page.

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