Classroom Technology Level 1

Level 1: Small Conference and Seminar Style Classrooms (include all meeting room types) - Under 30 seats

  • Widescreen projector (WXGA / 3000 lumens)
  • Motorized wide screen
  • Computer with MS Office, internet access, Skype and region free video player
  • Lecture recording capability- Audio ONLY - Ceiling Mic(s) for capturing professor and student speech
  • Webcam
  • Simplified Control Console for selecting INPUT device - 1 button for default use
  • Wireless solar powered Keyboard/Mouse
  • Aux input for laptop and other AV devices - to include smart devices
  • Blu-Ray DVD player
  • Apple TV - for wireless connectivity of iOS devices
  • TV tuner
  • Speakers with amplification
  • AV rack to house all equipment
  • Remote control ability to the projector and control console for IST
  • Speakerphone with fast dials to security and support
  • Surge protection device(s) for all equipment

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