Spam Manager

The Law Center's email server is configured with an anti-spam filtering program. When spam is detected, it is automatically placed in the Junk E-mail folder of your mailbox. 

Individuals cannot unsubscribe from Spam Manager, as it is a service that is applied to the Law Center's email server and hence affects everyone. If you are expecting important emails but not receiving them in your inbox, the IST Department recommends that you check for them in your Junk E-mail folder.  

If you receive messages in your Junk E-mail folder that you do not consider to be Spam, you can move it to your inbox by right-clicking on the message and choosing Junk, Not Junk. 

Please be advised that if you use an outside email account to send mass emails to the Law Center, Spam Manager may consider it spam and quarantine the emails. To get around this, send mass emails through your Georgetown Google Apps for Education email account.

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