Video Conferencing Best Practices


  • Update your drivers and programs
    Make sure that the device drivers and programs used during your video conferencing session are updated
  • Close all programs and application that are not in use
    Shutting down unused programs will allow your device to prioritize your video conferencing tasks
  • Connect to a reliable Internet
    Connect to the Internet using a wired connection and turn off any wireless connections
  • Test your speed at
    We recommend at least 4Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Open your meeting early
    Allow time to test your atmosphere before you begin
  • Test your speakers and microphones
    Make sure your audio connections are audible to your participants
  • Distance microphones from speakers
    Keeping microphones away from speakers will limit echo and feedback
  • Use a headset if possible
    The use of a headset with a microphone is highly recommended, especially for presenters
  • Check your camera resolution
    Your best bet is to keep your webcam resolution set to "auto"
  • Setup ample lighting
    Directly light your face, and avoid sitting with windows or light sources behind you
  • Preload all content
    Allow your content enough time to upload before use
  • Ensure all presenters are organized
    Run through the order, exchange of roles, etc. with guest speakers before going live
  • Cycle through all content
    Once all participants have joined, click through each document in your content list


  • All participants should keep their sound muted while listening to the presentation
    Unmute your microphone only to ask a question
  • Use the built-in chat function to raise any questions or issues about your connection
    This is less disruptive that announcing it to all of the participants during the meeting
  • If you experience choppy audio and cannot hear, use the Fuze window for the visual part of the meeting and dial-in the for audio part of the meeting
    Use the provided phone and meeting numbers


  • Email the Technology Reference Desk at with any technical issues you might have experienced during your web conference
    Be as specific as possible, providing the exact time of the issue and how it manifested

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