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  • The IST Department recommends that you purchase a full 3-year warranty with your computer. The full 3-year warranty guarantees next business day service with any hardware problem. Provided that the problem with your computer is covered under the terms of the warranty, all parts and labor are provided by Dell at no additional charge
  • To purchase a computer through the Georgetown University Dell store, please call 1-888-987-3355 or click HERE.
  • Make sure to use the Law Center's unique member ID Number (BS16164794) to ensure a discount that exceeds any available to the home consumer.


  • For information about your system and its warranty, browse to, create an account, and setup your preferences. Major Accounts technical support is available for those who bought their computer through the Georgetown University webpage.
  • For non-critical issues and questions that do not require next-day service, you can send an email to Dell Support. They can be reached by navigating to
  • If you have general questions about software or hardware, Dell maintains its own Knowledge Base, which is located HERE.
  • To check the status of a service call reference number (RMA), please call 1-866-446-3355. You can also use the Dell email notification service, which will allow you to track orders and service-call-status-updates. It will also alert you when driver updates and system patches are available. The Dell email notification service can be found HERE.


  • Dell offers lifetime support for its hardware and will provide telephone assistance for installation and configuration of Dell factory-installed Microsoft operating systems and Dell factory-installed applications software. This support also covers service packs, components, supplements, updates and patches for factory-installed operating systems. Support for operating system defects is limited to commercially available fixes from the manufacturer.
  • To access Dell's Security website, click HERE.
  • For more information on Dell's Online Policies, click HERE.
  • For more information on Dell's Service Contracts, click HERE.


  • If you are making a trip abroad with your Dell system, familiarize yourself with the Dell International Support Program terms and conditions located HERE.
  • For international support, you can call 512-728-7407 (toll call).
  • If you plan to move within the US, travel abroad for 6 months or longer, or sell your system, you might consider transferring the warranty. This needs to be done before you leave or after you sell your system. More details can be found HERE.

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