IST Green Initiatives

The Digital Class Recording System

For more than twenty years, the Law Center has recorded classes under special circumstances with the approval of the academic administration. In 2007, the IST Department switched from cassette tapes to an all-digital recording and secure delivery system. Besides being more convenient to the students and incurring lower labor costs, the new system saved the Law Center and its student population from having to purchase and dispose of 4,000 cassette tapes per year.

New Data Center Cooling and Electrical Systems

In 2005, the IST Department upgraded the cooling and electrical systems in the data center. The project received an APC InfraStruXure award. It also translated into significant on-going power savings.

The Replacement of Old Monitors with Flat Panel Monitors

When the IST Department started replacing old monitors with flat panel monitors in 2003, it made sense not only in ergonomic terms but also in economic and environmental ones. We reduced the Law Center electrical bill by $50,000 per year and now use 82% less electricity per year (from 460,000 kilowatts to 80,000 kilowatts).

A Campus Consuming Less Paper

The IST Department has upgraded most printers to those that can do double-sided printing.

65+ Web-based Information Systems

The IST Department has implemented over 65 information systems, such as Courseware, the online Exam/Paper Management system, online classroom seating charts and course evaluations, to help faculty, staff and students process more information and achieve their academic goals with less paper.

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