Frequently Asked Questions

Basics/Getting Started

Who gets Box?

All active Georgetown University students, staff and faculty qualify for Box accounts for as long as they maintain at least one of those affiliations with the university.

What is Box?

Box is a file sharing and storage service that enables you to securely store your documents "in the cloud" and to access those documents anywhere you can connect to the Internet. You can also share your documents with any of your classmates or colleagues.

How do I get a Box account?

If you qualify for a Georgetown Box account, simply activate your account!

How long do I keep my Box account?

You get to keep your Box account as long as you have at least one of the following active affiliations:

  1. Credit student
  2. Staff
  3. Faculty

Please note, accounts are suspended for users without an active affiliation and deleted 30 days after suspension.

Is there a cost for Box accounts?

No, Box is free for all qualified users.

How do I log in to Box?

Just go to the Georgetown Box login page, click on the “Login Here” graphic, and then enter your NetID and password on the secure "Sign In" page.

How can I log in to my Georgetown Box account if I'm already logged in to my personal Box personal account?

If you’re currently logged in to your personal Box account, first log out of that account and then log in to your Georgetown Box account.

Why are we switching to Box?

Box provides larger quotas, increased data security (with complete data encryption) and has an easier-to-use interface than GUShare. You can also view, upload, and share documents from your mobile device.

How much storage space do I get?

Box users get 50GB of storage.

Box and GUShare

When will GUShare go away?

GUShare is expected to be decommissioned in December 2013.

How do I migrate my files from GUShare to Georgetown Box?

Users are encouraged to begin transferring stored files to Georgetown Box as soon as you are able to. Unfortunately, there is no automated process for moving files from GUShare to Box. Users should copy the files down to their desktop and then back up into Box.

While Georgetown Box provides more space than was available to individuals than in GUShare, we recommend setting aside some time to identify which files should be transferred and which should be deleted. Users should contact the help desk if they have restricted files in GUShare as these should not be transferred into Georgetown Box.

Departments that have GUShare folders should work with their Account Managers to determine how best to migrate their files out of GUShare.

Will the GUShare permissions I've assigned/created in GUShare be saved in Box?

No, unfortunately, the permissions won't be saved in Box.

I own/manage a departmental space in GUShare. What will happen to that space?

Departmental GUShare accounts will require special attention because of the additional steps that are required to establish the space and because of the complex sharing arrangements that already exist. Some of these may not be replicable within Box. Account managers will reach out to departments with larger departmental shares to discuss the transfer of files. After Box accounts are activated, departments with specific concerns may contact the Help Desk at 202-687-4949 or

Using Box

Any restrictions on what I can/should keep in Box?

You can use box to store all of your data. For more information about data classifications please see link below:

Please note: FERPA data is the only restricted data allowed in Box so far. We are currently working on HIPAA, but for now, only FERPA is approved for Box.

I have over 50GB of files, can I get a larger quota?

Although Box can technically support larger quotas, its primary purpose is to support smaller collections of "active" files. In most cases, users with over 50GB of files are actually looking to archive files, or they have a few very large files that won't perform well in Box. Please contact your Account Manger to arrange a discussion of your needs - often we find other solutions are more appropriate than a larger Box quota.

What types of files can I store in Box?

You can store any file in Box. However, you can edit and view only selected document types that are stored in Box.

I have files in Google Drive; can I store them in Box?

Yes, but you will first need to download those documents to your computer, and then upload them to Box.

What if I don't want to share any of my Box documents?

You're not required to share any documents. You only need to share the documents on which you want others to collaborate with you.

Can I share my files with people outside Georgetown?

Yes. You can share documents with people outside Georgetown, but those people must have a Box account, even if it's a personal Box account.


Can I store restricted (e.g., HIPAA, FERPA) data in Box?

Yes! HIPAA/PHI data is allowed in Georgetown Box.

How safe are my files in Box?

Your files are very safe in Box. They are completely encrypted---Box encrypts your data while it's sitting in your Box account. This is called encryption at rest.

Are the documents in my Box account backed up?

Yes. All content stored in Box is kept in multiple data centers to ensure high-availability to your data. Please note, though, that if you delete an item from your account those files cannot be recovered once the trash has been emptied.

Accessing Box

What Browsers does Box officially support?

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Georgetown Box.

While Box is compatible with some older web browsers, most interface issues encountered are easily resolved by simply updating your browser to a current version.

Please ensure that you're utilizing one of the latest versions of the web browser below:

  • Internet Explorer
    • IE6 and previous versions are NOT supported
    • IE7 is functionally supported but you may experience interface issues
    • IE8 & IE9 are fully supported
  • Safari (Latest version)
  • Firefox (Latest version)
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)

Can I use Box over a wireless connection?
Yes, you can use Box anywhere you can access the Internet.

Can I use Box on my mobile device?

Absolutely! You can use Box on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows Phone. Click here for details on using Box on your mobile device.

I already have a personal Box account; what will happen to that account?

Your personal Box account will stay the same as always unless you used your NetID when you created your personal account.

I'm a Georgetown Sponsored Associate (SUA) employee; can I get a Box account?
Associates must make their request through their department.

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