2016-2017 Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies

2016-2017 Student Handbook

The Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies (known as the Georgetown Law Bulletin prior to 2013-2014) is the Law Center's official publication of academic rules.

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  1. Academic Calendar
    Note: Fall exam deferral dates amended 9/16/16.
    Note: Spring add/drop and waitlist amended 11/21/16.
  2. Welcome Letter
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Student Services Quick Guide
  5. Juris Doctor Program
    Note: Part-Time Per-Semester Credit Limit and Part-Time in Three Years policies amended 1/5/17.
  6. Graduate Programs
  7. General Administrative Policies
  8. Conduct Policies
  9. Tuition and Fees
    Note: Tuition Equalization Fee--Part-Time to Full-Time (J.D. Program) amended 1/5/17.
  10. Search Terms
  11. Nondiscrimination Policies

2015-2016 Georgetown Law Student Handbook

The Handbook for the previous academic year is also available (PDF 2 Mb).