Third Party Billing

The Office of Student Accounts accepts tuition payment authorizations and purchase orders from third parties to bill them directly for student tuition and other related fees. Third Party sponsors are government agencies, private companies, and embassies that pay in part or full of the student’s tuition and other related fees. A $50 handling fee is assessed on third party billing.

Tuition payment authorizations must be unconditional and not contingent upon grades, or employee tuition reimbursement policies. Financial Guarantee Letters supplied for Admission purposes or obtain a U.S. Visa are not acceptable for third party billing purposes. Sponsor payments made directly to a student, or sponsor reimbursements to a student, based on grades are not considered third party. Sponsor’s payment must be received by the due date as specified on the invoice to avoid the late payment fee $60 and monthly 1.75% service charge. Should a sponsor fail to remit payment to the University, charges will revert to the student’s account, and tuition, fees, and related penalties remain the responsibility of the student.

Any amounts not covered by the third party must be paid in full by the tuition due date. Unpaid account balances not covered by your sponsor will be assessed a $60 late payment fee and a monthly 1.75% service charge. A sponsor with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated. The University reserves the right to decline acceptance of any third party coverage. Note: Students are responsible for insuring that their student account is paid even if a third party sponsors them.

Tuition payment authorizations, purchase order, or financial guarantee letter must be type written on sponsor letterhead or purchase order form. The original documents verifying your award must be received by the Office of Student Accounts prior to the due date. Failure to submit authorizations in a timely manner may result in the assessment of late fees. Tuition payment authorizations, purchase order, or financial guarantee letters must be reviewed and approved by the Law Center Office of Student Accounts.

The award/scholarship letter should include the following information:

  1. Student’s full name, ID number (or social security number), specific courses and semester covered.
  2. Maximum US Dollar amount to bill the sponsor.
  3. Name, e-mail, address, and telephone number of the person to whom the bill should be mailed.

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