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What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

— Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker

Law is a broad and expansive profession with a nearly unlimited number of practice areas and settings to test out. Choosing to become a lawyer is a big decision, one that likely involved soul searching and talking to practicing lawyers to find out what they do. But now that you are here, finding your best fit(s) within the law and acquiring the skills and professionalism to achieve your goals is an even more exciting and vital process. The practice of law is constantly evolving, as are your own interests and skills. It is not enough to get through the three years with a degree and perhaps a journal or moot court experience and a few internships under your belt. Today's law student must create a strategy to investigate many different paths while simultaneously reflecting on how their interests, skills, and motivators are compatible with their aspirations. Only then can you create a game plan to develop the competencies and relationships that will make you competitive in a changing market.

Getting Started

Use the pages below and at left to take advantage of the many resources that will help you to begin or continue reflecting on your personal interests, skills, and values, as well as begin a deliberate exploration of practice areas and settings.

Self Assessment Worksheets and Exercises
  • Workplace Values
  • Workplace Skills
  • Practice Interests and Settings
  • Geographic Preferences
  • Your Career Profile
  • Career Vision Exercises
Private Sector Settings
  • Resources to explore domestic and international small, medium, and large law firms, as well as corporate in-house and alternative careers.
Public Sector Settings
  • Resources to explore public sector careers, including federal, state, and local government, non-profit career options, and academia.
Judicial Clerkships, Fellowships, and Government Honors Programs
  • Resources to explore judicial clerkships and internships, including instructions on the application process.
  • Resources on post-graduate public interest fellowships, explaining types and application processes.
  • Resources on federal government Honors Attorney programs, a common route for post-graduate government hiring.
Practice Areas
  • Descriptions and information on 35+ different practice areas, including suggested employers and web and PDF resources for further exploration.

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