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What constitutes a large law firm may vary somewhat geographically - but if a firm has more than one office location, or over 100 attorneys, it is a fair assumption they could be considered a large law firm no matter where they are located.  Large law firms tend to serve corporations, as opposed to individuals, and have a range of associated practice areas - such as mergers and acquisitions, transactional, patent, securities regulation, and of course corporate law.  Large law firms tend to pay more than small or medium firms, but also require longer hours.

Most medium and large law firms have "summer associate" programs. These programs are designed to give students legal experience while providing firms an opportunity to evaluate students' work before offering permanent employment following law school graduation. Large firms generally hire their entry-level associates from their summer associate pool. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about your position after your 2L or 3E summer.  Some firms will recruit students in the fall of their final year, but these opportunities are scarce. 

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