DC Books to Prisons Book Drive

Several Georgetown University Law Center student groups are sponsoring a book drive for the DC Books to Prisons Project. DC Books to Prisons Project is a local nonprofit that provides free books to prisoners around the country and works to create prison libraries. Yearly, Books to Prisons sends out between 2,000-4,000 packages to prisoners in 150 different prisons in all 50 states.

Where & When?
Georgetown Law will be collecting books, postage, and packing materials for DC Books to Prisons Project from November 2013 through February, 2014. Collection boxes will be located in McDonough and Gewirz.

DC Books to Prisons Project accepts all books, but asks that we not donate hard cover books (many prisons will not accept them) and that any resource books be current. Areas of highest need include:

1.    Dictionaries (English, Spanish-English) (by far, most popular request)
2.    Spanish Textbooks
3.    Atlases and almanacs
4.    Drawing or art
5.    Science and alternative energy (including science magazines like Discover or Scientific American)
6.    How-to (especially woodworking, plumbing, car mechanics, small motor repair)
7.    GED preparation
8.    Farming and agriculture
9.    Personal finance or starting a business
10.    American Indians, Mayans, or Aztecs
11.    African American, Latin American, or classical (Roman,Greek) history

1.    Westerns
2.    Urban

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Maps & Directions

Google Location Map Georgetown University Law Center 600 New Jersey Avenue NW Washington, DC 20001