Report Hours

Pro Bono and community service hours (for class of 2018) are reported and tracked online through Symplicity. To report hours, you must register for the Pro Bono Pledge on Symplicity:

  1. Log onto Symplicity and go to your profile page. On the left-hand side tabs, under "My Account," click on the "Pro Bono" tab.
  2. Once in the Pro Bono tab view, click on the "Registration" tab.
  3. Fill out the registration form. Be sure to select your interests, list your language skills, and briefly describe your relevant background. This will help the Pro Bono Coordinator let you know about volunteer opportunities that might interest you or for which you have relevant language or other skills.
  4. Click the "I Agree" box and then the blue "Submit Application" button to sign up for the Pro Bono Pledge.
  5. You will see another tab next to "Registration" labeled "Pro Bono Reporting." Click on this tab to log your hours on an ongoing basis. 
    1. Click "Add New" at the bottom to enter hours for a new organization.
    2. Select the type of service hours and fill out the relevant fields in the next page.

If you have trouble with the Pro Bono features in Symplicity, please consult the Symplicity FAQ.

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