Using Symplicity (FAQ)

 How do I create a record?

  1. Log into Symplicity and navigate to your "My Account" page.
  2. Then select "Pro Bono" tab.
  3. Select "Pro Bono Reporting" underneath that tab.
  4. On the lefthand side of the "Pro Bono Reporting" window is a blue button labeled "Add New." Click on that button to bring up the form for creating a new record. You should create one record for each organization with which you're involved each semester. Use the same record to record all hours over the course of that semester.
  5. Select "Pro Bono" or "Community Service." The specific fields related to that type of volunteer work will appear. Class of 2019 and beyond students must satisfy the Pro Bono Pledge with pro bono (law-related) hours only.
  6. For instructions on adding hours to the record, please see "How do I record hours?" (below)
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How do I record hours?

  1. Navigate to the Pro Bono Reporting window from the Pro Bono Tab under "My Account."
  2. Create a record for the organization you are volunteering with (see above) or open an existing record by clicking the "Edit" button to the left of its name.
  3. Click the "Add Hours" button (near the middle of the form).
  4. A new table will appear, with a line for the current day. Ideally, students would enter their hours regularly over the course of the semester, and there would be a separate record for each day of work with the organization. If you find yourself reporting all your hours at the end of the semester, however, you may enter them as a lump sum under a single date (use the last day you volunteered).
  5. Click "Submit" after creating a new record or adding hours to an existing record.
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How do I check my Pro Bono Pledge progress?

You can log into Symplicity at any time to check your progress. Symplicity will break your hours into law-related and community service so you can see how far along you are in meeting your pledge. We encourage you to check your progress regularly, and keep your hours up to date!

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