Requesting Student Help with Pro Bono Projects

Establishing a Pro Bono Partnership with Georgetown Law

If you are a public interest attorney, non-profit organization, governmental institution or other legal entity that is engaged in legal or legislative work for the benefit of individuals, groups or causes that are under-represented in the legal system and would be interested in working with Georgetown Law student volunteers, there are two ways you can solicit a partnership.

Regular and Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

First, second and third year J.D. students, as well as LL.M.s, are available for a variety of volunteer commitments, from legal research and writing support on individual projects or cases to ongoing intake or client work on a weekly or monthly basis. To learn more about posting opportunities for Georgetown students, read here.

Semester- or Year-long internships

Many students are interested in extended internships with organizations over a semester or year. Students typically work 8-15 hours per week. Internships can focus on a particular ongoing project or immerse the student in the breadth of an organization's work. To post an internship opportunity, use our Symplicity system.

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