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Partner Compensation Workshop: Smart Practices and Costly Mistakes

Lincoln Memorial

October 18-19, 2013

Georgetown Law’s Partner Compensation Workshop goes beyond the basics of partner compensation to address the most pressing issues facing law firm compensation committees and decision makers:

  • Rewarding stars while also addressing the needs of non-rainmaking partners
  • Handling unwelcome declines in profitability
  • Addressing compensation for those with significant management responsibilities
  • Ensuring that compensation supports the firm’s strategy, culture, and talent-management philosophy
  • Managing the process of changing a firm’s compensation structure

This intimate workshop brings together law firm leaders and compensation decision-makers to discuss how partner compensation practices can best align with firm’s strategic and organizational imperatives. The two-day course features:

  • Case studies on compensation issues faced by domestic and international firms, enabling participants to make sense of the complexities in compensation decision-making
  • Discussion with peers, facilitated by experts, on best practices, helping participants avoid common missteps in compensation-related decisions
  • Consultants and experts in human behavior with extensive experience in helping firms address compensation issues, providing tips for dealing with concerns such as underperformance and compensation for significant management responsibilities.

Who Should Attend?

Managing partners, executive and compensation committee members of firms that are considering changes to their partner compensation structure, addressing specific compensation-related issues, or concerned their current compensation model is becoming obsolete. This workshop is also appropriate for new compensation committee members or other firm-wide managers involved in setting partner compensation.

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