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International Double Jeopardy: Issues Facing Multinational Corporations in Parallel, Cross-Border Investigations

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Multinational corporations are subject to a wide range of overlapping and often conflicting regulation in the jurisdictions in which they operate. There is no uniform international rule of law prohibiting successive prosecutions by different sovereigns, and there is often a lack of coordination among international enforcement authorities.

As a result, multinationals may be investigated, prosecuted, and convicted simultaneously by the United States and other countries around the world for the same conduct. The threat of overlapping investigative demands and potentially-duplicative punishment complicates voluntary disclosure and cooperation.

This two-day conference will address the problems multinational corporations face in confronting conflicting regulation and overlapping enforcement around the world. The conference will include several panels composed primarily of general counsel, government regulators, and private practitioners.

The first day will focus on the challenges facing the General Counsel of a multinational corporation. The second day will focus on regulation and enforcement in key areas where government regulators have been most active: anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and antitrust.

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