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Bibliography of John Scott Eldon, Lord Chancellor, 1751-1838

I. Biographical Sources

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  • [Entries for Lord Eldon primarily in volume 13, but also throughout.]

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  • [Biographies of William Scott, Lord Stowell and his brother, John Scott, Lord Eldon, by Lord Eldon's brother-in-law. William Surtees was critical of Horace Twiss' treatment of Lord Eldon, in Twiss' biography.]

Twiss, Horace. The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon. 3 vols. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1844. [GULL Special Collections: DA522 .E4 T9 1844 Quarto]

  • [This biography has a 2nd London edition, 1844; 3rd London, 1846, and an 1884 London edition. It is also available on microfiche [GULL K150 .N45 Mfiche; 19th century legal treatises: no. 52732-52744]]

II. Primary Sources

Lincoln, Anthony L. & McEwen, Robert Lindley, eds. Lord Eldon's Anecdote Book. London: Stevens & Sons, 1960. [GULL KD315 .L67 1960]

  • [Lord Eldon started this book in 1824 (at the request of his grandson) and stopped in 1827. The original remains in the Eldon family's collection, with one copy presented to "Her Majesty Queen Mary," presumably a handwritten copy of the original.]

[Eldon, John Scott]. Right Honorable John Scott, Earl of Eldon. [pamphlet]. n.p.: 1801?

[Eldon, John Scott]. Slavery in the West Indies. London: For Whitmore & Fenn, 1826.

Eldon, JohnScott. Speech of the Right Honorable the Earl of Eldon on the Catholic Question. London: Saunders & Otley, 1829.

Eldon, John Scott. The Speech of the Right Hon. The Lord Chancellor, in the House of Lords, on Wednesday, 1st November, 1820, on the Second Reading of the Bill of Pains and Penalties. London: For John Hatchard & son, 1820. [GULL Special Collections DA538 .A2 C37 1820 Quarto (vol.1)]

  • [Bound with 13 other pamphlets in 2 volumes, on the Queen's trial.]

Farquharson, George. The Letter Addressed to the Editor of the Courier on Saturday June 11, 1825: In Refutation of the Unfounded Charges Against the Right Hon. Lord Eldon, Lord High Chancellor of England, and the System of the Court of Chancery. London: For C. Chapple, 1825. [GULL K150 .N45 Mfiche; 19th century legal treatises; no. 17861]

Hardy, John Stockdale. A Letter Addressed to the Right Hon. The Earl of Eldon, Lord High Chancellor, &c. &c. Upon the Marriage Act Amendment Bill. London: For Charles Hunter, 1822. [GULL K150 .N45 Mfiche; 19th century legal treatises; no. 18964]

Uniacke, Crofton. A Letter to the Lord Chancellor, on the Necessity and Practicability of forming a code of the Laws of England, to Which is Annexed the New Bankrupt Law.... London: J. & W.T. Clarke, 1825. [GULL K150 .N45 Mfiche; 19th century legal treatises; nos. 79292-79293]

III. Law Reports and Cases (in chronological order)

Vesey, Francis & Beames, John, reporters. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, in the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon [1812-1814]. 3 vols. London: Printed for Reed and Hunter, 1815. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .V54 1813 Nomn. Repts.]

  • [Also known as Vesey & Beames' Reports. There is a second edition, "corrected, with additional notes, referring to the late cases, etc.," 3 vols. in 2, London: W. Clarke & sons, 1818. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .V54 1818 Nomn. Repts.], and a 1st American edition from the 2nd London ed., 3 vols. in 2, with notes and references to American cases by Edward D. Ingraham [GULL Special Collections KD270 .V54 1822 Nomn. Repts.]. Reprinted in English Reports, also on CD]

Cooper, George, reporter. Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon; in Hilary. Easter, & Trinity Terms, 55 Geo. III, 1815; With a Few Cases of an Earlier Period. London: Printed for J. Butterworth & Son; Dublin: J. Cooke, 1815. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .C74 1815 Nomn. Repts.]

  • [This report is also called Cooper temp. Eldon. Other editions include: New York: William Beartall, 1824; Banks & Brothers, 1865. This volume of cases is not reprinted in the English Reports.]

Swanston, Clement Tudway, reporter. Reports of Cases, Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon. From the Commencement of the Sittings Before Hilary Term, 1818, to the End of the Sittings After Michaelmas Term, 1819. 3 vols. London: Printed by A. Strahan, for Joseph Butterworth and Son; Dublin; and J. Cooke, 1821-1827. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .S93 1821 Nomn. Repts.]

  • [Also known as Swanston's Chancery Reports. There is also a 1st American edition from the 1st London ed., New York: Gould, 1822-1828 [GULL Special Collections KD270 .S93 1822 Nomn. Repts.]. Reprinted in English Reports, also on CD]

Jacob, Edward, and Walker, John, reporters. Reports of Cases, Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon [1819-1821]. 1st American ed. From the 1st London ed. 2 vols. New York: Stephen Gould, 1822-1827. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .J333 1822 Nomn. Repts.]

  • [Also known as Jacob & Walker's Chancery Reports, 1819-1821. Reprinted in English Reports, also on CD]

Turner, George J. and Russell, James, reporters. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon [1822-1824]. London: Printed for Saunders and Benning, 1832. [GULL Special Collections KD270 .T87 1832 Nomn. Repts.].

  • [Also known as Turner & Russell's Reports. Only 1 volume published. Also published in New York: Banks & Brothers, 1865. Reprinted in English Reports, also on CD]

Rose, George, reporter. Cases in Bankruptcy. 2 vols. London: Printed for Reed and Hunter, 1813-1816. [GULL Special Collections: KD270 .R78 1813 Nomn. Repts.]

  • [Also known as Rose's Reports, this report covers bankruptcy cases decided by Lord Chancellor Eldon between 1810 and 1816. A second edition was published by Charles Hunter in 1821 [GULL Special Collections KD270 .R78 1821 Nomn. Repts.]

IV. Secondary Sources

Bentham, Jeremy. Indications Respecting Lord Eldon, Including History of the Pending Judges Salary-Raising Measure. London: Printed for J. and H.L. Hunt, 1825.

Bentham, Jeremy. Postscript to Indications Respecting Lord Eldon, &c. &c.London: For Hunt & Clarke, 1826.

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Five Minutes Examination of an Article in the Last Number of the Edinburgh Review Respecting the Judicial Character of Lord Eldon. London: For J. Butterworth, 1823.

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Wharam, Alan. The Treason Trials, 1794. Leicester: Leicester University Press; New York: Distributed in the United States and Canada by St. Martin's Press, 1992.

  • [Lord Eldon is discussed in chapter 19, primarily dealing with the aftermath of the treason trials of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke and others, as well as with the Great Reform Act.]

Zall, Paul M. "Lord Eldon's Censorship," 68 PMLA 436 (June 1953).

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