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London 2012 and International Sports Law

In the summer of 1896, the first Modern Olympic Games commenced in Athens, Greece. Since then the Summer Olympic Games have been held every four years in various locations with the exception of the Games scheduled during World War II. This year, the Summer Olympic Games is held in London. The Games commenced on July 27th and will conclude on August 12th.


The exhibit highlights recommended titles for international
sports law, in-depth resources on the legal aspects of the Olympic Movement,
and samples of case law covering international sports issues such as doping. To
view, please visit the 4th floor of the Wolff Library.

Display Dates: 2012-07-20 - 2012-12-05 | Location: Wolff Library

By: Esther Cho

Georgetown Law Graduation

The Georgetown Law Graduation Exhibit features items intended to reflect the realities and the joy of graduation day. Pictures include the commencement processional, and students, faculty, and family members and other spectators in groups during and after the ceremony.

Display Dates: 2012-05-15 - 2012-12-07 | Location: Williams Library-Atrium

By: Barbara Monroe

Happy New Year!....or is it?

From 1582 until 1751, England refused to adopt the "new" Gregorian calendar, resulting in almost two centuries of dual and contradictory dating of legal documents, governmental proclamations, newspapers, and other printed materials. See illustrations of this cultural anomaly of Early Modern English governance with facsimiles from books held by Georgetown Law Library's Special Collections.

Display Dates: 2012-01-04 - 2012-12-12 | Location: Williams Library-Atrium

By: Erin Kidwell

GULLiver's Believe It or Not: Smoking in the Library?

Forget soda cans, noisy snacks, and aromatic carryout in the library – how about a late-night study buddy lighting up a stogie in the carrel behind you?

In 2012, it would be pretty much unthinkable (not to mention illegal*) to allow smoking anywhere inside the Georgetown Law Library. However, a new exhibit in the Williams Library highlights a time when cigarettes, pipes, and other types of tobacco were actually welcome within the library and Law Center, as elsewhere throughout society.

Stop by the Williams atrium display cases for some photos and facts that just might "blow" your mind. And remember, the only smoking allowed (and encouraged!) around here nowadays is of your exams – best of luck!

*D.C. Code § 7-1703(4) (2001).

Display Dates: 2012-12-12 - 2013-03-01 | Location: Williams Library-Atrium

By: Erin Kidwell

John Wolff (1906-2005): 42 Years of Outstanding Teaching

The John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library opened on October 27, 2004, with a dedication attended by the library’s namesake Professor John Wolff. He came to Georgetown Law Center in 1961 and taught here until his passing in 2005.

As the Georgetown Law Library reflects on our 125th Anniversary, this exhibit remembers his time at Georgetown and highlights the library’s collection of John Wolff memorabilia. It includes photographs and a selection of books from Professor Wolff’s personal library. Also on display is a scanned copy of his type written casebook for his Foreign Corporations: Doing Business in Germany course from 1932. The original can be requested in Special Collections, along with several other of his type written casebooks.

For more background on Professor John Wolff, please see his biography on the library website.

Display Dates: 2012-12-01 - 2013-03-01 | Location: Wolff Library

By: Esther Cho

Children and Advertising Collection

From 1976 to 1978 the Georgetown Law Center held the Children and Advertising Seminar to discuss the effects of advertising on children. 

The Children and Advertising Collection is unique in that it contains varied sources discussing television broadcasting and advertising, focusing on children's television issues related to, the First Amendment, nutrition, violence, minorities, women, sex, and child abuse. Along with Industry related materials including commercial storyboards and industry reports that focus on advertising and children's nutrition. 

Display Dates: 2013-02-21 - 2013-04-21 | Location: Williams Library-Atrium

Contact: Hannah Miller-Kim

John G. Brannon Papers

American attorney John G. Brannon was appointed by Gen. Douglas MacArthur to defend Japanese war criminal Osami Nagano before the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. George Yamaoka, a graduate of Georgetown Law class of 1928, was also appointed by MacArthur to help in the defense of Japanese accused of war crimes. See selected materials from Library's John G. Brannon Papers and George Yamaoka Collection that illustrate a passion toward "the preservation of international justice" among attorneys charged with the complicated task of defending the enemy after the Pacific War.

Display Dates: 2011-11-01 - 2013-12-31 | Location: Williams Library-Atrium

Contact: Hannah Miller-Kim

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