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February Mobile App Recommendation

Jill Smith

February – the shortest month of the year, which sometimes feels like the longest to those of us who are tired of cold temperatures and gray skies. It’s probably no coincidence that the holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day, was slated for this dreary month. Of course for some, Valentine’s is more of an irritant than a topic for cheer. For both the romantics and the cynics, I offer a few apps that help you plan a nice evening out – romantic or not!

First up is Yelp! This app helps you search for restaurants and other attractions, helping you to make an informed decision when you are looking to try out a new place. In addition to reviews, Yelp! offers other details including directions, menus, noise level, and suggested attire. Yelp! is free for iOS and Android. If the place you have chosen takes reservations, you can usually make them via your mobile device using OpenTable. If the time you want isn’t available, OpenTable offers alternatives – all with no waiting on hold for a busy host or hostess. The app will also send you a reminder prior to your reservation, and allows you to cancel your table with ease. OpenTable is free for iOS and Android.

Lastly, if you want to send greeting cards, Red Stamp offers free e-cards with customizable color choices, personal photos, and messages. Or you can send paper cards at a nominal charge. The app is free for iOS and Android.

The library maintains a database of useful mobile apps for research, scholarship, and teaching. If you would like to recommend additional apps for this database, please contact Jill Smith, Instructional Technology Librarian, at or 202-662-9165.


Faculty Scholarship Report

Your Publications from January 2014

Nancy Chi Cantalupo

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Masculinity & Title IX: Bullying and Sexual Harassment of Boys in the American Liberal State, 73 Md. L. Rev. (forthcoming).   

Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Institution-Specific Victimization Surveys: Addressing Legal & Practical Disincentives to Gender-Based Violence Reporting on College Campuses, Trauma, Vio. & Abuse (forthcoming).   

David D. Cole

Book Chapters and Collected Works

David D. Cole, Preserving Privacy in a Digital Age: Lessons of Comparative Constitutionalism, in Surveillance, Counter-Terrorism and Comparative Constitutionalism 95-116 (Fergal Davis, Nicola McGarrity & George Williams eds., Abingdon, U.K.: Routledge 2014).    [BOOK]

Journal Articles

David D. Cole, The Three Leakers and What To Do About Them, N.Y. Rev. Books, Feb. 6, 2014, at 7-9 (reviewing Rahul Sagar, Secrets and Leaks: The Dilemma of State Secrecy (2013) & James C. Goodale, Fighting for the Press: The Inside Story of the Pentagon Papers and Other Battles (2013)).   

David D. Cole, 2013 Eur. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 660-663 (reviewing Conor Gearty, Liberty and Security (2013)).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Lawrence O. Gostin

Journal Articles

Lawrence O. Gostin, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Following Brain Death: The McMath and Muñoz Cases, JAMA, Jan. 24, 2014, at E1-E2.    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Congressional Testimony

Shutdown: Examining Federal Government Closure Impacts on the District of Columbia: Hearing Before the Subcomm. on Emergency Mgmt., Intergovernmental Rel. & the District of Columbia of the S. Comm. on Homeland Sec. & Governmental Aff., 113th Cong., Jan. 30, 2014 (Statement of Eleanor Holmes Norton) (CIS-No.: Pending).    [WWW]

Victoria F. Nourse

Journal Articles

Victoria F. Nourse, Akhil Reed Amar, David Barron, Hon. C. Boyden Gray & John O. McGinnis, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies: 2012 National Lawyers Convention: Showcase Panel II: Separation of Powers, 59 Loy. L. Rev. 573-621 (2013).    [L] [W]

Julie Rose O'Sullivan

Journal Articles

Julie Rose O'Sullivan, The Federal Criminal "Code": Return of Overfederalization, 37 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 57-67 (2014).    [L] [W]

Joseph A. Page

Journal Articles

Joseph A. Page, 4 J. Eur. Tort L. 328-339 (2013) (reviewing Dan Dobbs, Paul Hayden & Ellen Bublick, The Law of Torts (Practitioner Treatise Series, 2d. ed. 2011)).   

Alicia E. Plerhoples

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Alicia E. Plerhoples, Delaware Public Benefit Corporations 90 Days Out: Who's Opting In?, 14 U.C. Davis Bus. L.J. (forthcoming).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Alicia E. Plerhoples & Amanda M. Spratley, Engaging Outside Counsel in Transactional Law Clinics, 20 Clinical L. Rev. (forthcoming).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz

Journal Articles

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, Intellectual Diversity in the Legal Academy, 37 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 137-143 (2014).    [L] [W]

Louis Michael Seidman

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Louis Michael Seidman, Constitutional Skepticism: A Recovery and Preliminary Evaluation, (working paper).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Edith Brown Weiss


Edith Brown Weiss, International Law for a Water-Scarce World (Leiden, Neth.: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2013).    [BOOK]

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