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News and Reports for October 2015

Journal Research Beyond Westlaw & Lexis

The Library has many sources for journal articles with Westlaw and Lexis being the most popular with our students. However, this can limit research and potentially seminar papers if they stop there. We encourage students researching international or comparative law topics to search journals published outside the United States to make their papers more global in nature. We do this for our faculty research products too. Below are just three of our international journal databases. If you, your students, or your TA would like more information, just let us know. 

  • Oxford University Press Journals: a shared database with main campus, so the content covers law, humanities, social sciences, public health, and more. Interesting journals include Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Journal of International Economic Law, International Journal of Cultural Property, Statute Law Review, and many more. 
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: the best source for foreign legal journals that may or may not be in English. Plenty of English titles and also foreign language journals such as Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto e Procedura Civile or Annuaire Français de Droit International. While not a full text database, the Hein platform provides handy links to titles available elsewhere on HeinOnline. 
  • Kluwer Law Journals:this publisher is based in the Netherlands, but their journals focus on business topics such as trade, competition, tax, and arbitration.

New Library Databases

The library has subscribed to the following new databases: 

HeinOnline Religion and the Law 
Canon Law resources, Jewish Law material and other major publications on religion are featured in this database. You can search the entire resource or pick one particular volume for searching. Scholarly articles and religious focused journals are also included.

Going Global career and employment resources include more than 10,000 pages of constantly-updated content on topics such as: job search sources, work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, and cultural/interviewing advice.
Read the latest news on Climate Change, including information on litigation, regulations and statutory law. The Docket Room provides access to regulatory comments on a updated basis.

It's important to remember that as a member of the Georgetown community, you have access to these databases on campus, as well as off. If you would like more information about these resources, please contact us at or 202-662-9140 for U.S. research, or or 202-662-4195 for foreign and international research.

Posting Your Scholarship on GULC’s Scholarly Commons, SSRN, and/or Digital Georgetown

First, for those of you familiar with all the terms above and just have questions on how to submit materials (either a working paper or a published paper) to any of our repositories, simply complete the submission form that is located at (you will be asked to login with your netID and password). If you have any questions about the process or the form, please feel free to send an email to If you'd like us to automatically add all of your new published academic law journal articles to any of these locations, please let us know that as well; we'll set up searches in the usual databases to identify them as they're published and add them to SSRN and the Scholarly Commons if they are not already there. 

For those of you unfamiliar with any of the sources above or if you don't know where your scholarly works are, or belong, don't feel bad –with all of the possible destinations, it isn't always easy to navigate the landscape. Here is a brief guide to the repositories that the Georgetown Law Library provides services for: 

The Scholarly Commons
The Scholarly Commons is GULC's name for our institutional repository, which is an instance within Digital Commons by bepress. If you are wondering exactly what an institutional repository is, essentially it is an online archive for managing, preserving, and giving access to the intellectual output of a community and its members. The focus of an institutional repository is the institution itself, as opposed to a disciplinary repository (like SSRN –see below). The Scholarly Commons is located at, and because it is meant to be a reflection of the institution, the collection is defined and curated by Georgetown Law. In addition to author, title, and keyword access, Digital Commons provides a taxonomy of academic disciplines and each work can be tagged with one or more of these subject areas in order to enhance discoverability. In the area of search engine optimization (SEO) Digital Commons actively ensures that its content is indexed by Google and Google Scholar which means that you will have vastly increased exposure for your scholarly works.  

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
SSRN is a disciplinary repository, produced by Social Science Electronic Publishing Inc., which specializes in social science and humanities research. The goal of SSRN is the rapid dissemination of papers at low cost - even at an early stage when it can provide a platform for comments which can be incorporated into a final version. SSRN comprises a series of specialized subject area networks such as the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN), and provides a series of e-mail abstracting journals that contain title, author and abstract of each submission to a subject matter area. While Georgetown can submit a paper, and suggest the ejournals that it should be abstracted in, the final curation is with SSRN. As they specify, "Every submitted paper is reviewed by SSRN staff to ensure that the paper is a part of the scholarly discourse in its subject area." Papers that have been marked as immediately available will contain a watermark that says "UNDER REVIEW BY SSRN" until it has been approved (usually within 24-48 hours). While works submitted to SSRN may eventually show up in Google and/or Google Scholar (primarily through outside links to repository content), SSRN does not actively ensure that its content is indexed by Google.  

Digital Georgetown
The newest repository in the constellation is Digital Georgetown, which is a DSpace repository that is shared with all of the libraries within Georgetown University. The Law Library community within Digital Georgetown primarily contains digitized materials from the library's collections (such as rare books, journals, manuscripts and archives), but increasingly contains research materials that need an online home, but aren't appropriate for either our institutional repository or a disciplinary repository.

The National Equal Justice Library (NEJL)

The National Equal Justice Library (NEJL), which is part of the Special Collections department, is the only institution in the United States exclusively dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of indigent defense and civil legal aid. The NEJL hosts a growing collection of oral history interviews, which are accessible through our website. While the main focus is on archival materials and publications from the United States, the NEJL also holds many international materials documenting the development of civil legal assistance. We welcome inquiries, and also assist with specialized research related to poverty law. For more information on this collection, please contact: Katharina Hering, Project Archivist at or 202-662-4043.

Faculty Scholarship Report

Your Publications from 2015 to date.

Michael Diamond


Michael Diamond, Corporations, A Contemporary Approach: Cases and Materials for a Course in Corporate Law (Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press 4th ed. 2015).    [BOOK]

Lawrence O. Gostin

Forthcoming Works - Books

Lawrence O. Gostin, Global Health Law (Beijing: China University of Political Science and Law Press forthcoming) (Chinese translation).   

Lawrence O. Gostin & Lindsay F. Wiley, Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint (Berkeley, Cal.: University of California Press 3d ed. forthcoming).   

Book Chapters and Collected Works

Lawrence O. Gostin, Foreword: In Celebration of the Life and Career of Sheila McLean, in Inspiring a Medico-Legal Revolution: Essays in Honour of Sheila McLean xix-xx (Pamela R. Ferguson & Graeme T. Laurie eds., Farnham, Eng.: Ashgate 2015).    [BOOK]

Journal Articles

Lawrence O. Gostin & Eric A. Friedman, A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the West African Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic: Robust National Health Systems at the Foundation and an Empowered WHO at the Apex, 385 Lancet 1902-1909 (2015).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]

Allegra McLeod

Forthcoming Works - Book Chapters and Collected Works

Allegra McLeod, Decarceration Courts, in Sentencing Law and Policy (John Pfaff ed., Foundation Press forthcoming 2015).   

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Allegra McLeod, Beyond the Carceral State, Tex. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2016).   

Allegra McLeod, Migration, Criminalization, and Disobedience, U. Miami L. Rev. (forthcoming 2016) (invited symposium contribution).   

Girardeau A. Spann

Book Chapters and Collected Works

Girardeau A. Spann, Racial Rights, in The Oxford Handbook of the U.S. Constitution 541-563 (Mark Tushnet, Mark A. Graber & Sanford Levinson eds., Oxford: Oxford University Press 2015).    [BOOK]

Kristen Konrad Robbins Tiscione

Forthcoming Works - Book Chapters and Collected Works

Kristen K. Tiscione & Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Commentary, Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson, in U.S. Feminist Judgments Project (Linda Berger, Bridget Crawford & Kathy Stanchi eds., Cambridge University Press forthcoming).   

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Kristen K. Tiscione, “Gender Degradation”: New Words to Tell An Old Story, Second Draft, Fall 2015 (forthcoming).   

Kristen K. Tiscione & Lucille A. Jewel, Employment Discrimination in Legal Education: Selected Readings Relating to Women, Minorities, and Legal Writing (working paper).    [SSRN]

Kristen K. Tiscione & Amy Vorenberg, Podia and Pens: Dismantling the Two-Track System for Legal Research and Writing Faculty, 31 Colum. J. Gender & L. 46 (forthcoming).   

Rebecca Tushnet

Journal Articles

Rebecca Tushnet & Eric Goldman, Self-Publishing an Electronic Casebook Benefited our Readers—And Us, 11 Wash. J.L. Tech. & Arts 49-61 (2015).    [L] [W] [WWW]

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