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News and Reports for October 2016

New International Materials

For this month's spotlight on international law databases, we look at the addition of international materials to Lexis Advance. Lexis has added case law and legislation for the following jurisdictions: South Africa, Australia, China and Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, the European Union, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico.

To access these materials, you can click on the International tab, located to the right of the Practice Area or Industry tab on the Lexis Advance homepage. The jurisdictions are grouped together according to global regions. Some jurisdictions may only offer case law, like Australia. Other jurisdictions, like Mexico, offer laws in the language of the jurisdiction (in this case, Spanish), rather than an English translation.

One thing to note is that once you select your jurisdiction and the type of primary source you want to search, be it case law or legislation, you will then be taken to a search page that looks like Lexis Advance. However, you are in fact searching the same materials that were previously available through our former Lexis subscription. Also note that the default search setting on this page is a terms and connectors search so if you want to search using natural language, you need to change the setting above the search bar. Once you select the sources to search and enter your search, you will be taken to a results page that will look like the old version of Lexis. Whether this will continue to look like old Lexis in the coming months remains to be seen.

For now, the ability to access foreign and international materials on Lexis is a significant step forward.

Heather Casey

Int'l &Foreign Reference Law Reference Librarian

Faculty Scholarship Report

Links to some materials are available below. Following is a list of what the links represent:

  • [HEIN] = Available on Hein Online
  • [W] = Available on Westlaw
  • [L] = Available on Lexis
  • [Gtown Law] = Available in Georgetown Law Scholarly Commons
  • [SSRN] = Available in SSRN Working Papers collection
  • [WWW] = Available for free on the Internet
  • [BOOK] - More information available in law library catalog

Randy Barnett

Journal Articles

Randy E. Barnett & Josh Blackman, Restoring the Lost Confirmation, Nat'l Affs., Fall 2016, at 97-112. [WWW]

John Brooks

Journal Articles

John R. Brooks II, Treasury Should Exclude Income from Discharge of Student Loans, 152 Tax Notes 751-757 (2016). [L]

David Cole

Journal Articles

David D. Cole, After Snowden: Regulating Technology-Aided Surveillance in the Digital Age, 44 Cap. U. L. Rev. 677-691 (2016). [W]

David D. Cole, How Voting Rights Are Being Rigged, N.Y. Rev. Books, Oct. 27, 2016, at 26-28 (reviewing Ari Berman, Give Us The Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America (2015) & Zachary Roth, The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy (2016)).

Laura Donohue

Journal Articles

Laura K. Donohue, The Original Fourth Amendment, 83 U. Chi. L. Rev. 1181-1328 (2016). [L] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Lilian Faulhaber

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Lilian V. Faulhaber, The Luxembourg Effect: Patent Boxes and the Limits of International Cooperation, Minn. L. Rev. (forthcoming). [SSRN]

J. Glover

Journal Articles

J. Maria Glover, Alternative Litigation Finance and the Limits of the Work-Product Doctrine, 12 N.Y.U. J.L. & Bus. (Special Issue) 911-942 (2016). [L] [W]

Lawrence Gostin


Global Management of Infectious Disease After Ebola (Lawrence O. Gostin, Sam F. Halabi & Jeffrey S. Crowley eds., Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017). [BOOK]

Book Chapters and Collected Works

Lawrence O. Gostin & Rebecca Katz, The International Health Regulations: The Governing Framework for Global Health Security, in Global Management of Infectious Disease After Ebola 101-132 (Lawrence O. Gostin, Sam F. Halabi & Jeffrey S. Crowley eds., Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017). [BOOK]

Journal Articles

Lawrence O. Gostin, “Big Food” Is Making America Sick, 94 Milbank Q. 480-484 (2016). [Gtown Law]

Donald Langevoort

Journal Articles

Donald C. Langevoort, Informational Cronyism, 69 Stan. L. Rev. Online 37-45 (2016). [W] [WWW]

Martin Lederman

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Martin S. Lederman, If George Washington Did It, Does That Make It Constitutional?: History's Lessons for Wartime Military Tribunals, Geo. L.J. (forthcoming). [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Wallace Mlyniec

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Wallace J. Mlyniec, Lawyering Practice: Uncovering Unconscious Influences Before Rather Than After Errors Occur, 51 New Eng. L. Rev. (forthcoming).

Victoria Nourse


Victoria F. Nourse, Misreading Law, Misreading Democracy (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 2016). [BOOK]

Kristen Tiscione


Kristen Konrad Tiscione, Rhetoric for Legal Writers: The Theory and Practice of Analysis and Persuasion (St. Paul, Minn.: West Academic 2d ed. 2016). [BOOK]

Franz Werro

Journal Articles

Franz Werro & Claudia Hasbun, Is MacPherson a Legacy of Civilian Views?, 9 J. Tort L. 67-90 (2016). [W]

Robin West

Journal Articles

Robin L. West, Law's Emotions, 19 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 339-361 (2016). [W]

Robin L. West, The Contested Value of Normative Legal Scholarship, 66 J. Legal Educ. 6-17 (2016). [W] [WWW]

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