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  • CCH Business and Finance Collection
    These CCH online libraries contain the online versions of the CCH business publications and many other looseleaf services, treatises, guides and newsletters on banking, securities, government contracts and other business-related legal materials. Also includes the latest CCH news reports. Search full-text or retrieve documents by citation.
  • Corporate Compliance Library (BNA)
    The Corporate Compliance Library is an information resource of legal analysis and news for attorneys to use to design, implement, and monitor organizational compliance programs that qualify as effective under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines for Organizational Defendants. The library contains the following parts: Corporate Compliance Programs, Specific Risk Areas, Supporting Documents.
    Subjects: Corporations
  • Corporate Governance Library (BNA)
    The Corporate Governance Library includes the Corporate Governance Report plus the complete text of Title 8 (Corporations) of the Delaware Code. The Corporate Governance Manual contains analysis of the issues affecting corporate governance.
    Subjects: Corporations
  • Corporate Practice Library (BNA)
    The Corporate Practice Library features in-depth analysis and practical guidance from expert legal practitioners in the Series Portfolios,plus the latest news in BNA's Corporate Counsel Weekly.
  • Corporation Service (CCH)
    Corporation Service contains current, full-text coverage of the business corporation laws and limited liability company acts of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, annotations of current cases, plus a practice guide providing expert analysis of key issues.
    Subjects: Corporations
  • Global Financial Database
    Global Financial Database is a source for historical stock market, financial, and economic data, some of which is unavailable from any other online source. The GFDatabase includes over 8500 current and historical data series covering over 200 countries that have been collected from original sources. Many of the series extend back two centuries.
    Subjects: Business; Corporations
  • Kluwer Law Online Looseleafs
    Georgetown Law has subscribed electronic access to the following Kluwer Law Online looseleafs: 1) Company and business legislation of the Netherlands, 2) Comparative law of monopolies, 3) Corporate acquisitions and mergers, 4) European environmental law, 5) Guide to international transfer pricing, 6) International encyclopedia of agency and distribution agreement, 7) International product law manual, 8) International trust law and analysis, 9) Investment disputes under NAFTA: an annotated guide to NAFTA chapter 11 , 10) Montreal convention, and 11) International business transactions : commentary, forms and documents, including Word-processing software.
  • Mergent Archives Annual Report Collection
    Hundreds of annual reports of U.S. and international corporations are archived by Mergent and accessible with a simple search.
    Subjects: Business; Corporations
  • Mergent InvestorEdge
    Company profiles, Corporate Bond reports, financial filings and industry reports are featured on InvestorEdge. More than 4000 equity research reports are available and updated on a weekly basis.
    Subjects: Business; Corporations
  • Mergent Key Business Ratios
    Subjects: Business; Corporations
  • Mergent Online
    Mergent Online contains full text information on over 10,000 U.S. public companies and over 15,000 non-U.S. companies. Includes company history, officers, subsidiaries, financial data, and annual reports. Access to SEC filings (EDGAR) back to 1993. Also includes company archives, with information on over 4,000 public companies that were acquired, went bankrupt or merged out of existence from 1995 onward. Includes U.S. and International industry reports.
  • SOCRATES: the corporate social rating monitor
    SOCRATES has in-depth profiles on the social and environmental records of over 650 US and international corporations, including every company on the Standard & Poor’s 500™ and KLD's Domini 400 Social Index. The profiles have narrative coverage and ranking capablities on issues related to community, diversity, employee relations, environment, non-US operations, products, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, nuclear power, and military contracting.
    Subjects: Corporations
  • Standard and Poor's netAdvantage
    netAdvantage contains financial reports on companies and financial instruments prepared by Standard and Poor's, the prominent equity analysis firm and credit rating agency. Content is primarily on U.S. companies and issuances. Also provides company financial information and economic analysis by S&P.
    Subjects: Business; Corporations

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