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Faculty name: John Mikhail

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.

Forthcoming Works and Works in Progress

  • John Mikhail, Sydney Levine & Alan Leslie, The Mental Representation of Human Action, Cognitive Sci. (forthcoming).    [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, The Definition of "Emolument" in English Language and Legal Dictionaries, 1523-1806, (working paper).    [SSRN]


  • John Mikhail, Elements of Moral Cognition: Rawls' Linguistic Analogy and the Cognitive Science of Moral and Legal Judgment (New York: Cambridge University Press 2011).    [BOOK]

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • John Mikhail, The Constitution and the Philosophy of Language: Entailment, Implicature, and Implied Powers, 101 Va. L. Rev. 1063-1103 (2015).    [W] [WWW]
  • John Mikhail, The Necessary and Proper Clauses, 102 Geo. L.J. 1045-1132 (2014).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [WWW]
  • John Mikhail, 123 Ethics 354-356 (2013) (reviewing Patricia S. Churchland, Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality (2011)).    [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, Emotion, Neuroscience, and Law: A Comment on Darwin and Greene, 3 Emotion Rev. 1-3 (2011).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • John Mikhail, Rawls' Concept of Reflective Equilibrium and Its Original Function in A Theory of Justice, 3 Wash. U. Jurisprudence Rev. 1-30 (2010).    [HEIN] [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, Is the Prohibition of Homicide Universal? Evidence from Comparative Criminal Law, 75 Brook. L. Rev. 497-515 (2009).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, Dilemmas of Cultural Legality: A Comment on Roger Cotterrell's 'The Struggle for Law' and a Criticism of the House of Lords' Opinions in Begum, 4 Int'l J.L. in Context 385-393 (2009).    [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • John Mikhail, Scottish Common Sense and Nineteenth-Century American Law: A Critical Appraisal, 26 Law & Hist. Rev. 167-175 (2008).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, Marc Hauser, Fiery Cushman, Liane Young & R. Kang-Xing Jin, A Dissociation Between Moral Judgments and Justifications, 22 Mind & Language 1-21 (2007).   
  • John Mikhail, Universal Moral Grammar: Theory, Evidence and the Future, 11 Trends Cognitive Sci. 143-152 (2007).   
  • John Mikhail, Moral Heuristics or Moral Competence? Reflections on Sunstein, 28 Behav. & Brain Sci. 557-558 (2005).    [W] [WWW]
  • John Mikhail, Note, Law, Science, and Morality: A Review of Richard Posner's The Problematics of Moral and Legal Theory, 54 Stan. L. Rev. 1057-1127 (2002).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, "Plucking the Mask of Mystery from Its Face": Jurisprudence and H.L.A. Hart, 95 Geo. L.J. 733-779 (2007) (reviewing Nicola Lacey, A Life of H.L.A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream (2004)).    [HEIN] [W] [Gtown Law]
  • John Mikhail & Matthias Mahlmann, The Liberalism of Freedom in the History of Moral Philosophy, 89 Archiv für Rechts-Und Sozialphilosophie 122 (2003) (reviewing John Rawls, Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy (2000)).   
  • John Mikhail, 36 Stan. J. Int'l L. 357-360 (2000) (reviewing John Rawls, The Law of Peoples: With "the Idea of Public Reason Revisited" (1999)).    [HEIN] [W]

Book Chapters and Collected Works

  • John Mikhail, Chomsky and Moral Philosophy, in The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky 235-253 (James McGilvray ed., New York: Cambridge University Press 2d ed. 2017).    [SSRN]
  • John Mikhail, Moral Grammar and Human Rights: Some Reflections on Cognitive Science and Enlightenment Rationalism, in Understanding Social Action, Promoting Human Rights 160-198 (Ryan Goodman, Derek Jinks & Andrew K. Woods eds., New York: Oxford University Press 2012).    [SSRN] [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Constraining the Necessity Defense, in Criminal Law Conversations (Paul H. Robinson, Kimberly Ferzan & Stephen Garvey eds., New York: Oxford University Press 2009).    [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Moral Grammar and Intuitive Jurisprudence: A Formal Model of Unconscious Moral and Legal Knowledge, in 50 The Psychology of Learning and Motivation: Moral Judgment and Decision Making 27-100 (Daniel M. Bartels, Christopher W. Bauman, Linda J. Skitka & Douglas L. Medin eds., London: Academic Press 2009).    [SSRN] [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Self-Defense Against Wrongful Attack: The Case of the Psychotic Aggressor, in Criminal Law Conversations (Paul H. Robinson, Kimberly Ferzan & Stephen Garvey eds., New York: Oxford University Press 2009).    [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Unconscious Choices in Legal Analysis, in Criminal Law Conversations (Paul H. Robinson, Kimberly Ferzan & Stephen Garvey eds., New York: Oxford University Press 2009).    [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Moral Cognition and Computational Theory, in 3 Moral Psychology: The Neuroscience of Morality 81-92 (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong ed., Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press 2008).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, The Poverty of Moral Stimulus, in 1 Moral Psychology: The Evolution of Morality: Adaptations and Innateness 353-360 (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong ed., Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press 2007).    [SSRN] [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, The Free Exercise of Religion: An American Perspective, in Ein Neuer Kampf der Religionen? Staat, Recht, und religiöse Toleranz 271-288 (Matthias Mahlmann & Hubert Rottleuthner eds., Berlin, F.R.G.: Duncker & Humboldt 2006).   
  • John Mikhail & Matthias Mahlman, Cognitive Science, Ethics, and Law, in Epistemology and Ontology: IVR-Symposium Lund 2003: Law and Politics in Search of Balance 95-102 (Zenon Bankowski ed., Stuttgart, F.R.G.: Franz Steiner Verlag 2005).    [BOOK]
  • John Mikhail, Islamic Rationalism and the Foundation of Human Rights, in 3 Pluralism and the Law: Proceedings of the 20th IVR World Congress, Amsterdam, 2001: Global Problems 61-70 (Arend Soeteman ed., Wiesbaden, F.R.G.: Franz Steiner Verlag 2004).    [BOOK]

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