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Faculty name: Jeffrey Shulman

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.


  • Jeffrey Shulman, The Constitutional Parent: Rights, Responsibilities, and the Enfranchisement of the Child (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press 2014).    [BOOK]

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • Jeffrey Shulman, Meyer, Pierce, and the History of the Entire Human Race: Barbarism, Social Progress, and (the Fall and Rise of) Parental Rights, 43 Hastings Const. L.Q. 337-388 (2016).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, Who Owns the Soul of the Child?: An Essay on Religious Parenting Rights and the Enfranchisement of the Child, 6 Charleston L. Rev. 385-448 (2012).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, The Siren Song of History: Originalism and the Religion Clauses, 27 J.L. & Religion 163-177 (2011) (reviewing The Forgotten Founders on Religion and Public Life (Daniel L. Dreisbach, Mark David Hall & Jeffrey H. Morrison eds., 2009); Donald L. Drakeman, Church, State, and Original Intent (2010); Vincent Phillip Muñoz, God and the Founders: Madison, Washington, and Jefferson (2009)).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, Epic Considerations: The Speech that the Supreme Court Would Not Hear in Snyder v. Phelps, 2011 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 35-42.    [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, The Parent as (Mere) Educational Trustee: Whose Education Is It, Anyway?, 89 Neb. L. Rev. 290-357 (2010).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, Free Speech at What Cost?: Snyder v. Phelps and Speech-Based Tort Liability, 2010 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 313-344.    [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, When is Religious Speech Outrageous?: Snyder v. Phelps and the Limits of Religious Advocacy, 114 Penn. St. L. Rev. Penn Statim 13-18 (2010).    [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, The Outrageous God: Emotional Distress, Tort Liability, and the Limits of Religious Advocacy, 113 Penn. St. L. Rev. 381-415 (2008).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, What Yoder Wrought: Religious Disparagement, Parental Alienation and the Best Interests of the Child, 53 Vill. L. Rev. 173-208 (2008).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, Spiritual Custody: Relational Rights and Constitutional Commitments, 7 J.L. & Fam. Stud. 317-349 (2005).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]

Selected Contributions to Other Publications

  • Jeffrey Shulman, Making Sense of the Establishment Clause, Engage, July 2009, at 4-6.    [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Jeffrey Shulman, A Few Serious, if Modest, Proposals to Improve Legal Writing, W. Va. Law. Nov./Dec. 2007, at 12-13.    [W]

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