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Faculty name: Laura K. Donohue

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.

Forthcoming Works and Works in Progress

  • Laura K. Donohue, A Tale of Two Sovereigns: Federal and State Use and Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, in Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Kimon P. Valavanis & George J. Vachtsevanos eds., Springer International Publishing AG 2d ed. forthcoming).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]


  • Laura K. Donohue, The Future of Foreign Intelligence: Privacy and Surveillance in a Digital Age (New York: Oxford University Press 2016).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Cost of Counterterrorism: Power, Politics, and Liberty (New York: Cambridge University Press 2008).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Counter-Terrorist Law and Emergency Powers in the United Kingdom, 1922-2000 (Portland, Or.: Irish Academic Press 2001).    [BOOK]

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • Laura K. Donohue, The Fourth Amendment in a Digital World, 71 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 533-685 (2017).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Original Fourth Amendment, 83 U. Chi. L. Rev. 1181-1328 (2016).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, High Technology, Consumer Privacy, and U.S. National Security, 4 Am. U. Bus. L. Rev. 11-48 (2015).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Section 702 and the Collection of International Telephone and Internet Content, 38 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 117-265 (2015).    [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Terrorism Trials in Article III Courts, 38 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y: Federalist Edition 105-143 (2015).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Dawn of Social Intelligence (SOCINT), 63 Drake L. Rev. 1061-1112 (2015).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Nadine Strossen & Gabriel Schoenfeld, Panel, Eyes and Ears Everywhere - Privacy in an Age of Government and Technological Intrusion, 63 Drake L. Rev. 1171-1175 (2015).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Bulk Metadata Collection: Statutory and Constitutional Considerations, 37 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 757-900 (2014).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, FISA Reform, 10 I/S: J.L. & Pol'y Info. Soc'y 599-639 (2014).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Biodefense and Constitutional Constraints, 4 U. Miami Nat'l Security & Armed Conflict L. Rev. 82-206 (2013).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, National Security Law Pedagogy and the Role of Simulations, 6 J. Nat'l Sec. L. & Pol'y 489-547 (2013).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Technological Leap, Statutory Gap, and Constitutional Abyss: Remote Biometric Identification Comes of Age, 97 Minn. L. Rev. 407-559 (2012).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Limits of National Security, 48 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 1573-1756 (2011).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Shadow of State Secrets, 159 U. Pa. L. Rev. 77-216 (2010).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Laura K. Donohue, The Perilous Dialogue, 97 Cal. L. Rev. 357-392 (2009).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Antiterrorist Finance 2.0, 10 Int'l Stud. Rev. 639-641 (2008) (reviewing Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Thomas J. Biersteker & Sue E. Eckert eds. 2008)).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, Constitutional and Legal Challenges to the Anti-Terrorist Finance Regime, 43 Wake Forest L. Rev. 643-697 (2008).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Terrorism and Trial by Jury: The Vices and Virtues of British and American Criminal Law, 59 Stan. L. Rev. 1321-1364 (2007).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Anglo-American Privacy and Surveillance, 96 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 1059-1208 (2006).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Anti-Terrorist Finance in the United Kingdom and United States, 27 Mich. J. Int'l L. 303-435 (2006).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Terrorist Speech and the Future of Free Expression, 27 Cardozo L. Rev. 233-341 (2005).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Security and Freedom on the Fulcrum, 17 Terrorism & Pol. Violence 69-87 (2005).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, Mediating Terror, 5 Int'l Stud. Rev. 232-237 (2003) (reviewing Brigitte L. Nacos, Mass-Mediated Terrorism: The Central Role of the Media in Terrorism and Counterterrorism & Combating Terrorism: Strategies of Ten Countries (Yonah Alexander ed., 2002)).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, 25 Stud. Conflict & Terrorism 203-205 (2002) (reviewing Jonathan B. Tucker, Scourge: The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox (2001)).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, 116 Pol. Sci. Q. 656-658 (2001-2002) (reviewing Rodney Wallis, Lockerbie: The Story and the Lessons (2001)).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, Bias, National Security and Military Tribunals, 1 Criminology & Pub. Pol'y 339-344 (2002).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Laura K. Donohue & Juliette N. Kayyem, Federalism and the Battle over Counterterrorist Law: State Sovereignty, Criminal Law Enforcement, and National Security, 25 Stud. Conflict & Terrorism 1-18 (2002).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, Terrorism & Pol. Violence, Autumn 2001, at 190-191 (reviewing Christopher C. Harmon, Terrorism Today (2000)).   
  • Laura K. Donohue, In the Name of National Security: US Counterterrorist Measures, 1960–2000, Terrorism & Pol. Violence, Autumn 2001, at 15-60.   

Book Chapters and Collected Works

  • Laura K. Donohue, Pandemic Disease, Biological Weapons, and War, in Law and War 84-153 (Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas & Martha Merrill Umphrey eds., Stanford, Cal.: Stanford University Press 2014).    [Gtown Law]
  • Laura K. Donohue, US Efforts To Stem the Flow of Funds to Terrorist Organizations: Export Controls, Financial Sanctions and Material Support, in Dirty Assets: Emerging Issues in the Regulation of Criminal and Terrorist Assets 261-290 (Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate Publishing Limited 2014).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Transplantation, in Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy 67-87 (Victor V. Ramraj, Michael Hor & Kent Roach eds., New York: Cambridge University Press 2d ed. 2012).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Anti-Terrorism Legislation: Civil Liberty and Judicial Alteration, in Democratic Responses to Terrorism 101-156 (Leonard Weinberg ed., New York: Routledge 2008).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Britain's Counterterrorism Policy, in How States Fight Terrorism: Policy Dynamics in the West 17-58 (Doron Zimmermann & Andreas Wenger eds., Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner Publishers 2007).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Terrorism and the Counter-Terrorist Discourse, in Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy 13-36 (Victor V. Ramraj, Michael Hor & Kent Roach eds., New York: Cambridge University Press 2005).    [BOOK]
  • Laura K. Donohue, Fear Itself: Counterterrorism, Individual Rights, and U.S. Foreign Relations Post 9-11, in Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Understanding the New Security Environment: Readings and Interpretations 313-338 (Russell D. Howard & Reid L. Sawyer, eds. Guilford, Conn.: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin rev. 2004).    [BOOK]

U.S. Supreme Court Briefs

  • Brief of Scholars of the History and Original Meaning of the Fourth Amendment as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioner, Carpenter v. United States, No. 16-402 (U.S. Aug. 14, 2017).    [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • Brief of Amici Curiae Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Thirty-Six Technical Experts and Legal Scholars in Support of Respondents, City of Los Angeles v. Patel, No. 13-1175 (U.S. Jan. 30, 2015).   
  • Brief of Amici Curiae Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Thirty-Two Technical Experts and Legal Scholars in Support of Respondent, Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, No. 13-1339 (U.S. Sept. 8, 2015).   
  • Brief of Amici Curiae Electronic Privacy Information Center and Twenty-Six Technical Experts and Legal Scholars in Support of Respondent, Maryland v. King, No. 12-207 (U.S. Feb. 1, 2013).    [W]

Congressional Testimony

  • Cross Border Data Flows: Could Foreign Protectionism Hurt U.S. Jobs?: Hearing Before the Subcomm. on Commerce, Mfg. & Trade of the H. Comm. on Energy & Commerce, 113th Cong., Sept. 17, 2014 (Statement of Laura K. Donohue) (CIS-No.: 2015-H361-61).    [WWW]
  • Continued Oversight of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Hearing Before the S. Comm. on the Judiciary, 113th Cong., Oct. 2, 2013 (Statement of Laura K. Donohue) (CIS-No.: Pending).    [WWW]

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