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Faculty name: Vicki Arroyo

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • Vicki Arroyo, Kathryn Zyla & Gabriel Pacyniak, New Strategies for Reducing Transportation Emissions and Preparing for Climate Impacts, 44 Fordham Urb. L.J. 919-967 (2017).    [HEIN] [W]
  • Vicki Arroyo, State and Local Climate Leadership in the Trumpocene, 11 Carbon & Climate L. Rev. 303-313 (2017).    [W]
  • Vicki Arroyo, Kathryn A. Zyla, Gabe Pacyniak & Melissa Deas, State Innovation on Climate Change: Reducing Emissions from Key Sectors While Preparing for a "New Normal", 10 Harv. L. & Pol'y Rev. 385-430 (2016).    [W]
  • Vicki Arroyo & Vivian E. Thomson, Upside-Down Cooperative Federalism: Climate Change Policymaking and the States, 29 Va. Envtl. L.J. 1-61 (2011).    [HEIN] [W]

Book Chapters and Collected Works

  • Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Ecosystems, in Am. Bar Ass'n, Environment, Energy, and Resources Law: The Year in Review 2016, at 314-340 (Chicago: American Bar Association 2017) (Vicki Arroyo, Contributor).    [HEIN]
  • Vicki Arroyo & Kathryn A. Zyla, Transportation Policy, in Climate Change and Public Health 303-317 (Barry S. Levy & Jonathan A. Patz eds., New York: Oxford University Press 2015).    [BOOK]
  • Vicki Arroyo & Terri Cruce, State and Local Adaptation, in The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change: U.S. and International Aspects 569-600 (Michael B. Gerrard & Katrina Fischer Kuh eds., Chicago: American Bar Association 2012).    [BOOK]
  • Vicki Arroyo, Climate Change and US Policy, in Climate Change Policies: Global Challenges and Future Prospects 267-277 (Emilio Cerdá & Xavier Labandeira eds., Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar 2010).    [BOOK]
  • Vicki Arroyo, Eileen Claussen & Truman Semans, Policies to Stimulate Corporate Action, in Climate Change Science and Policy 377-388 (Stephen H. Schneider, Armin Rosencranz, Michael D. Mastrandrea & Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti eds., D.C.: Island Press 2010).    [BOOK]

Selected Contributions to Other Publications

  • Vicki Arroyo, Are There Winning Strategies for Enacting Climate Policy?, Climate Policy, iFirst online article 1-3 (2012) (reviewing Climate Clever: How Governments Can Tackle Climate Change (and Still Win Elections) (Hugh Compston & Ian Bailey eds. 2012)).   

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