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Faculty name: J. Maria Glover

Note: This bibliography changes the order of authors so that Georgetown authors are listed first.

Forthcoming Works and Works in Progress

  • J. Maria Glover, "Encroachments and Oppressions:" The Corporatization of Procedure and the Decline of Rule of Law, Fordham L. Rev. (forthcoming).   

Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

  • J. Maria Glover, A Regulatory Theory of Legal Claims, 70 Vand. L. Rev. 221-309 (2017).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • J. Maria Glover, The Supreme Court’s “Non-Transsubstantive” Class Action, 165 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1625-1667 (2017).    [W] [WWW]
  • J. Maria Glover, Alternative Litigation Finance and the Limits of the Work-Product Doctrine, 12 N.Y.U. J.L. & Bus. (Special Issue) 911-942 (2016).    [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
  • J. Maria Glover, Disappearing Claims and the Erosion of Substantive Law, 124 Yale L.J. 3052-3092 (2015).    [W] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
  • J. Maria Glover, Mass Litigation Governance in the Post-Class Action Era: The Problems and Promise of Non-Removable State Actions in Multi-District Litigation, 5 J. Tort L. 3-46 (2014).    [W] [Gtown Law]
  • J. Maria Glover, The Federal Rules of Civil Settlement, 87 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1713-1778 (2012).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [WWW]
  • J. Maria Glover, The Structural Role of Private Enforcement Mechanisms in Public Law, 53 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1137-1217 (2012).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [WWW]
  • J. Maria Glover, Beyond Unconscionability: Class Action Waivers and Mandatory Arbitration Agreements, 59 Vand. L. Rev. 1735-1770 (2006) .    [HEIN] [W] [WWW]

U.S. Supreme Court Briefs

  • Brief of Amici Curiae Civil Procedure Professors in Support of Respondents, Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo, No. 14-1146 (U.S. Sept. 29, 2015).   

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