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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Library-Recommended Mobile Apps

By Jill A. Smith

Passwords and device security have been all over the news of late, but the advice lots of security pros can be hard to follow.  Have a different password for every account!  Make sure they include lots of numbers, capitalization, and special characters! Don’t allow browsers to remember them! Don’t write them down!

Needless to say, for hapless human beings, all of this advice leads to forgotten passwords and frustration.  Password “wallets” or “vaults” are a solution for this and they are available on mobile devices, where password entry is especially prone to error due to small or virtual keyboards.  Two password vaults that I can recommend are LastPass and 1Password.  They store your passwords securely in an encrypted database, which you unlock with one master password.  Even better, they can auto-generate and store “strong” passwords for particularly sensitive accounts such as your bank, Amazon account, or any other account that may be connected with a credit card.  Once installed on your mobile device, you can go into your vault, copy a password with one tap, switch to the app or website that requires the password, tap the entry field, and select “Paste” – you don’t have to enter the password, and those around you don’t get a chance to see it.

LastPass and 1Password are available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

If you would like to recommend additions to the library’s mobile apps database, please contact Jill Smith, Instructional Technology Librarian, at or 202-662-9165.

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