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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Did You Know that there are Apps that help you Find Your Missing Smartphone or iPad?

How many times have you lost your cellphone? Once? Ten times? Too many to count?
Well, both Apple and Google, along with other app-makers, have programs that make it easy to find a smartphone. We have successfully used them both, and have only good things to say.
Here’s what you do:

Apple has an app called “Find My iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.” It directs you to log in to your iCloud account or to the app itself, which is available from the iTunes Store. You can also do some tracking (finding the last tracked area on a map) and locking, along with a few other features.


Details may be found on the Apple website

Google has an app called “Android Device Manager” You need to sync your phone with Google to use the service and to sign on to a Google Account to locate the smartphone. The finder then locates your phone on a map. Once located, you can choose to ring the phone for five minutes to give you time to find it. Other options for finding your phone via Google are available too.


There can’t be such wonderful functionality without a couple of thumbs down, so here they are:

  1. Apple’s Find My iPhone app is not available on an Android phone, which makes it difficult to find a phone or tablet unless you are somewhere with a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Neither app works unless the device has a charge. But the Apple program will show you where your phone was before you lost power.

Have Fun!

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