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Fall 2016 Newsletter

New Alumni Web Page

The Law Library has recently completed a major overhaul of our Alumni Web Page. Now redone using a program called LibGuides, which enhances organization and appearance, the guide provides clear and up-to-date information and guidance for alumni.

To reach "Alumni Resources" from our main webpage, click first on the Alumni and Visitor Resources link and then on Alumni Resources.

Alumni Resources

The Alumni guide is organized by the links in the table of contents on the left side of the page.

Alumni Resources Page

Several of the questions we hear a lot from our graduates are answered on the “Off-Campus Resources” page. Questions such as “how long are new graduates able to remotely access online databases?” and “does the Library provide access to LexisNexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg law after graduation?” are clarified, as well as other information that tells you what a graduate is able to do from home.

The “On Campus Resources Page” clarifies what you are able to do and access when you come to campus. And while you are in the Law Library, even though you can’t check out a book, the guide suggests scanning, printing or photocopying options.

Keep in mind that our alums are able to use almost all of the databases provided by the library from any Georgetown campus.

On-Campus Alumni Resources

And finally, our “Law Center Archives” page provides information and links to our ever increasing collection of digital objects.

We think our new Alumni Sources web page helps our graduates see the library in a whole new light. We hope you will continue to seek our help from both on- and off-campus, and that the new website is just the beginning of your after-graduation partnership with us.

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