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Fall 2013

  • From the Director
  • Digital Dictionaries: 1481-1891
  • Library-Recommended Mobile Apps
  • Georgetown Barristers' Council: A Dean's Experience
  • March on Washington 2013


Friends Newsletter Spring 2013


Spring 2013

  • From the Director
  • Our Research Guides - Designed for our Students, Used by All
  • Manuscripts News
    • New Acquisition: The Quincy Wright Collection
    • McLaughlin Brothers Papers are Now Available Digitally
    • New Library Exhibit: Children and Advertising

Winter 2012


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Fall 2012

  • From the Director
  • Big Data and Big Challenges for Law and Legal Information
  • Innovations in Online Instruction for Fall 2012
  • Library Services for Alumni and Friends: Highlights from Reunion 2012
  • On Law, War & Peace: The George Finch Collection
  • Law at the Movies: Human Rights and the War on Drugs
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Spring 2012

  • From the Director 
  • Update on Free and Low-Cost Legal Research Tools 
  • New and Revised Research Guides 
  • The History of the Women of Georgetown Law 
  • New Arrivals in Special Collections
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Fall 2011

  • From the Director
  • Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
  • Law Center Archives
  • New Legal Research Guides
  • A Trial of Global Proportions
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  Spring 2011

  • From the Director
  • Content Creation on the iPad
  • Global Balance of Power Searching
  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
  • Next Generation of Westlaw: WestlawNext
  • Art Law Research Guide
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 Spring 2010

  • From the Law Library
  • Genealogical Research at Georgetown Law
  • Introducing the Georgetown Law Scholarly Commons: A Common Repository for Exceptional Legal Scholarship
  • GDGT: A Social Network for Gadget Fans
  • Georgetown Law through Their Eyes
  • F. William McCalpin: A Life Devoted to Legal Aid to the Poor
  • Georgetown Law Fast Facts
  • Research Guide on Congressional Investigation
  • New & Revised Research Guides
Friends of the Library Thumbnail Cover Image Fall 2009

Fall 2009

  • Book Talk & Signing with Georgetown Law's David Cole
  • From the Special Collections Vault: The Sherman L. Cohn Collection: A Glimpse at Watergate
  • Georgetown Law Shines at AALL 2009
  • Harvest Season for the Law Library Catalog
  • Law at the Movies
  • English Legal Manuscripts: The Middle Temple Library
  • The Oldest Printed Books in Special Collections
  • Laying New TRACs in Digital Preservation
  • New Research Guides
  • Georgetown Law Librarian Author
  • New Additions in the National Equal Justice Library
  • Robert L. Oakley Memorial Symposium: The Future of Today's Legal Scholarship
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May 2009

  • Robert L. Oakley Memorial Symposium: The Future of Today's Legal Scholarship
  • Edward Bennett Williams Law Library: 20 Years and Counting
  • New Research Guides
  • Electronic Research in International and Comparative Law
  • Building a Time Machine for Georgetown Law Websites
  • Free and Low-Cost Legal Sources Research Guide
  • Focus on Special Collections' Manuscript Collections: The Japanese War Trials & the Watergate Trials
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September 2008

  • Sheryll Cashin Book Signing at Reunion 2008
  • In Memoriam. Dean Paul Regis Dean L'1946, L'1952, H'1969
  • Law Teaching and Scholarship Guide
  • Changes in Legislative History Research
  • Tips and Favorite Sources on Foreign Law Research
  • Law Library Unveils a Treatise Finder
  • New Additions to the Jewish Law Collection
  • New Acquisitions at the National Equal Justice Library
  • Rare 1551 Abridgment of English Laws
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April 2008

  • Remembering Robert L. Oakley
  • Georgetown Law to Host Joint Study Institute
  • Celebrating the Opening of the National Equal Justice Library
  • Law Library and Library Catalog Websites Updated
  • Need a Research Refresher? Try our Tutorials
  • Bookmark When You Like, Where You Like
  • Library Bookplates Honor Graduating Seniors
  • News from the John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library
  • ALA Establishes Oakley Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Book Signing with David Cole's Less Safe, Less Free
  • Oakley Family Donates Rare Translation
  • From the Past: Gilbert & Sullivan in 1973
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September 2007

  • Reunion 2007: Book Talk with Professor David Cole
  • New Tutorials on the Library's Website
  • New Research Guides
  • Spring 2007 Library Survey Summary
  • Literary Alumni: Min Jin Lee L'93
  • Technology Update: Browser Toolbar and a new way to Bookmark Our Content
  • From the Past: Williams Library in the Movies
  • Faculty Scholarship Database Debuts
  • Preserving Oral Histories in the National Equal Justice Library
  • The Chesapeake Project: Piloting Online Legal Information Preservation
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March 2007

  • Wolff Library Hosts ASIL Roundtable
  • Wolff Library Guides International Legal Researchers
  • Research Guides in International Law
  • National Equal Justice Library Up and Running
  • Next Level With Your Web Browser: Firefox Extensions
  • Father Robert F. Drinan, S.J.: Beloved Friend of the Library
  • Literary Alumni
  • Dred Scott v. Sanford: 150 Years Ago
  • Kumar Jayasuriya, Librarian and Author
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October 2006

  • Reunion 2006
  • Legislative Research on the Web
  • National Equal Justice Library Arrives
  • In Memoriam: John Wolff (1906-2005)
  • Doug Lind, Librarian and Author
  • New Rare Books
  • Supreme Court Research
  • From the Past: Lutrelle F. Parker, Sr. L '52 (1924-1994)
  • Student Notes Donated
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October 2005

  • Database News: Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926
  • Legal Research Guide: Supreme Court Nomination Guides
  • Literary Alumni: Neal Gillen and Lia Macko
  • From the Past: Edward G. Hudon (L'47, L'50) Law Librarian
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September 2004 

  • Book Signings: Sheryll Cashin at Library Open House
  • From the Past: Frederick C. Hicks (1875-1956) L'1901
  • Legal Research Guide: Current Updates on Legal Research
  • Literary Alumni: Rand D. Johnson (L'79)
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May 2004

  • Friends Sponsored Initiative: National Preservation Program Takes Off
  • Legal Research Guide: Brown v. Board of Education Documents Online
  • Literary Alumni: John Fialka
  • Library Services: We Are Growing
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September 2003

  • Friends Sponsored Initiative: Georgetown Organizes National Conference on Preservation of Legal Information
  • Book Signings and Friends' Events (Fr. Robert S. Drinan (L'49, L'51, H'91) & Michael R. Gardner (C'63, L'77)
  • Literary Alumni: Lorraine Lee Friedman (L'89) and Theresa Martin Golding (L'85)
  • From the Past: Charles Joseph Kappler (L'1896, L1897)
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October 2002

  • Friends Sponsored Initiatives and Events
  • Book Signings Louis Michael Seidman & Tim Junkin (L'77)
  • Literary Alumni: Francune Ward (L'89) & Samuel Wolff (L'82, L'83)
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April 2002

  • Library Milestones: Millionth Volume Acquired in 2000
  • Literary Alumni: Tim Junkin (L'77) & Yolanda Young (L'95)
  • Online Resources: Legal Research Guides and Tutorials
  • In Memoriam: John Harrison "Harry" Boyles

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