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The Moral Values Project (MVP) is founded upon the conviction that a moral case for sexual and gender equity is both possible and neccessary.

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This page is maintained by Professor Chai Feldblum. Materials from scholars and professionals in various fields provide the intellectual framework for much of the MVP’s work.

The MVP seeks to:

  • develop a consensus-based set of progressive moral values regarding sexuality, sexual orientation and gender; and
  • intervene in the political discourse to promote a more progressive set of public policies with regard to sexuality, sexual orientation and gender.

Gay is goodWe believe that moral values matter in the governing of our polity. And we believe that Americans can articulate, and live up to, a more progressive set of moral values regarding sexuality, sexual orientation and gender equity. Sexuality can be a positive, important force in our lives. Heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality are all morally neutral. But the love that is expressed by those who are straight, gay or bisexual is morally good – and all equally morally good.

Equal love - equal rightsAll forms of gender are morally neutral. But lack of gender equity is morally bad. When women are required to take on more than their share of caregiving in the family; when transgender people are not assisted in living in the gender of their choice; when intersex infants are subjected to genital surgery; or when young women are denied effective contraception -- our society is not living up to its important moral values.

No one person or group has a monopoly on moral values. It is our critical job as a self-governing society to articulate and carry out our best understanding of moral values. Views from organized religion may properly be the source of such values, but so can views stemming from secular beliefs or spiritual/energy beliefs. No one source has greater or lesser validity than another in developing public policy based on moral values.

A Conversation With
Chai Feldblum
Georgetown Law Professor, Founder of the Moral Values Project

On November 27, 2006, Chai delivered an address describing the Moral Values Project. In it, she discussed why moral debate in politics is good and why advocates for LGBT rights and gender equality should make their case in moral terms.

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FEBRUARY 17, 2009

Chicago Tribune: Letters to the Editor Debate on "Gay Rights vs. Religious Rights"

Chai responds to a letter about a proposal in Illinois to legalize same-sex marriage and its effects on on religious freedoms, and sets the record straight about her position.

Letter Read Chai's Letter to the Editor


Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review: "The Selling of Proposition 8"

Reflecting on the passage of Proposition 8 in California, Chai discusses and refutes the deliberate mistruths about same-sex marriage that have been strewn by some reglious groups.

Letter Read the article online


JANUARY 26, 2009

Panel Discussion at Georgetown Law:
Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Chai participated in a panel discussion among legal scholars on whether recognition of same sex couples through civil marriage or civil unions places inappropriate burdens on religious liberty and if so, how such burdens should be addressed.

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NEW BOOK: Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Chai contributed a chapter, titled "Moral Conflict and Conflicting Liberties," to a new book recently published by The Beckett Fund for Religious Liberties.

ReadRead Chai's chapter online


JUNE 16, 2008

Talk of the Nation (NPR): Gay Rights Law Faces Legal, Religious Challenges

NPR's religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty talks with Chai Feldblum and Jordan Lorence, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, about the battle between equal rights and American ideals of religious freedom.

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