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Georgetown Law Establishes Pinto Fellowship at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

February 3, 2015 —

Georgetown University Law Center is pleased to announce the establishment of the Dale and James J. Pinto (L’76) Georgetown Law Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Fellowship at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in Washington, D.C. 

 “We look forward to collaborating with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights to provide opportunities for talented Law Center graduates who will work on important human rights issues,” said Georgetown Law Dean William M. Treanor. “We are deeply grateful to Dale and James Pinto for creating this wonderful opportunity for our students.” 

“Today's announcement lays the groundwork for new leaders to join in the fight for human rights. The real impact of this fellowship will be felt years in the future as the fellow's work combats injustice and helps people in the U.S. and around the world,” said Kerry Kennedy, president of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.  “This is a great reflection on Robert Kennedy's belief in the power of youth and we are eternally grateful to Dale and James Pinto." 

The fellowship was made possible by the generosity of Dale and James Pinto. James Pinto, a Law Center and Georgetown College alumnus (C’73, L’76), also has a brother and a sister who graduated from the Law Center, John H. Pinto, Jr. (L’73) and Celeste Pinto McLain (L’74). James Pinto sits on the board of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and is a member of the Law Center’s board of visitors. Dale and James Pinto are both members of the Georgetown Law parents’ council. James Pinto is the chief executive officer of the general partner of the MVC Private Equity Fund.  

 “Our thanks to Dean Treanor for encouraging support of this human rights fellowship," said James Pinto. “We are pleased to commence this initiative and continue our long relationship with both Georgetown and the Kennedy family." 

The first Pinto Georgetown RFK Fellowship will be offered to applicants who are 2015 J.D. graduates of Georgetown Law. The yearlong fellowship will include opportunities to conduct research and write on human rights around the globe and participate in the development of strategies, legal actions and advocacy of the organization. 

Georgetown Law is a center of excellence in human rights teaching and training and in producing policy-relevant and influential human rights ideas and research. The Law Center provides students with a wealth of opportunities to grow as human rights advocates while on campus. In 2013, students worked with staff of the Georgetown Law Human Rights Institute to co-publish a human rights report on social conflict and criminal justice in Guatemala with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the American Bar Association’s Center for Human Rights. 

“Human rights fellowships are a key avenue for our grads to continue to build the skills they learn at Georgetown and deepen their expertise,” said Georgetown Law Human Rights Institute Director Andrew I. Schoenholtz. “We are delighted that Dale and James Pinto have committed to supporting the next generation of human rights leaders in this way.”

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights was founded as a living memorial to Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Ever since it has honored journalists, authors, and human rights activists who, often at great personal risk and sacrifice, are on the frontlines of the international movement for human rights and social justice. Partnering with these courageous and innovative human rights defenders, RFK Partners for Human Rights is the litigation, advocacy, and capacity-building arm of the organization. Combining a rights-based approach and extended multi-year partnerships with the RFK Award Laureates and other human rights activists, RFK Partners for Human Rights leverages its legal expertise, resources, and prestige to advance social justice goals around the world.

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