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The Law Center is closed today, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, due to inclement weather. All activities and services, including scheduled events (student organization meetings and events, CLE, and conferences), are canceled. On-site classes will not be held in person and will be held according to the faculty member’s instructional continuity plan. All administrative offices are closed. The food services operation, fitness center and Early Learning Center are closed. The library is closed. It is expected that only designated emergency employees will come to the Law Center to fulfill their responsibilities. All others -- including students, staff, faculty, and visitors -- are expected not come to the Law Center, which will not be staffed to support anything other than essential life safety and snow/ice clearing functions.

Georgetown Climate Center Launches New Online Tool

October 9, 2014 —

The Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law has launched a new online tool that shows the progress states are making in planning for and implementing responses to climate change.

“People want to know what their leaders are doing to prepare for climate change impacts, such as storms and rising seas,” said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center. “This tool provides transparency and enables individuals and communities to track state progress.”

In recent years, a number of states have started taking action to prepare their communities for climate change. Many have developed specific adaptation plans to guide their work. Until now, no one has been able to define how much progress states are actually making in implementing those plans.

“This research shows that a number of states have started implementing changes that will actually make their communities more resilient. That’s good news,” said Arroyo. “Nearly half of all U.S. states also have at least some planning underway to prepare for climate change. Unfortunately, the research also shows that many states are still not treating this issue with the urgency that is called for.”

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