Georgetown Law Aims To “Demystify Finance” For Law Students

August 5, 2013 —

Georgetown Law is launching an intensive and innovative course August 19-23, 2013, called “Demystifying Finance: A Short Course for Law Students.” The week-long class is designed as a “boot camp” to introduce upper-level students to core concepts of finance and accounting; and to deepen and accelerate learning in corporate and business law subjects.

The course arose out of conversations with faculty, alumni and other leaders in the fields of law, government, public interest and business, according to Dean William M. Treanor.  

“I heard again and again that it is crucial that our graduates — regardless of whether they ultimately pursue careers in the private practice of law, or business, or government, or public interest — gain an understanding of some of the subjects traditionally taught in business schools,” Treanor said. “Through these discussions we identified as a particular priority for our curriculum the goal of providing upper-level students with an early introduction to the essential concepts of finance and the language and methods of accounting.”

The course, covering subjects such as the time value of money, the distinction between debt and equity, the role of risk in valuing financial assets, and how assets and liabilities are described in accounting materials, will be taught by Professors Michael Cichello, Sandeep Dahiya and Lee F. Pinkowitz of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. It will be offered at the start of each new semester.

“Demystifying Finance” is part of the Law Center’s recent efforts to design and launch new curricular innovations designed to develop lawyers conversant in disciplines including business and technology.  It was developed with the assistance of Law Professors Donald Langevoort and Bob Thompson, experts in business organization and securities regulation, and Peter Byrne, associate dean for the J.D. program.

As the result of a generous donation from Jules Kroll (L’66), there will be no tuition charge for students taking the two-credit course in the fall. “I am delighted that Mr. Kroll’s support of the Law Center can be shared so directly with students through the funding of this innovative new course,” Treanor said.

A course description can be viewed here.


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