Georgetown Law Professors Williams and Hartnett Embark Upon Justice Ginsburg Project

March 10, 2016 —

Simon and Schuster today announced plans to publish the first collection of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s writings and speeches. Ginsburg will be assisted in this project by her authorized biographers, Georgetown Law Professor Emerita Wendy W. Williams and Adjunct Professor Mary Hartnett. The book, My Own Words, is scheduled for publication in January.

Speaking by turns as a teacher, historian, constitutional scholar and opera buff as well as a lawyer, judge and justice, Ginsburg has expressed herself in classrooms and auditoriums, law reviews, magazine articles, conferences, before the bench, on the bench, at home and abroad, on a wide variety of subjects including the Supreme Court’s history and workways, the proper role of judges in a democratic society, the nature of constitutional analysis and decision-making, international human rights, and the struggle for the “full citizenship stature” of this nation’s racial and ethnic minorities and women. 

The book will include samplings as diverse as articles she contributed to her grade school newspaper, a brief she wrote as an advocate for women’s equality before the Supreme Court, the foreword she wrote for the opera “Scalia/Ginsburg,” the bench announcement of her majority opinion in the Supreme Court’s most important gender-equality decision since she joined the Court and oral dissents from the bench she delivered on behalf of herself and her fellow dissenters in some of the most controversial cases of recent years. The book will highlight Ginsburg’s path-marking reflections, arguments and judicial opinions on gender equality under law. 

Williams and Hartnett will draw upon their research on the justice’s life and works and the hundreds of interviews they have conducted with Ginsburg and her colleagues, family and friends (including with President Clinton, who nominated her to the Supreme Court) to introduce Ginsburg’s writings and place them in context. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Justice Ginsburg on this project and on her full life story,” Hartnett remarked. 

Georgetown Law Dean William M. Treanor said, “Georgetown Law is honored to play a role in supporting these important projects, which will help to definitively record the historic contributions that Justice Ginsburg has made to equal rights under law. We still miss the justice’s late husband, Professor Martin Ginsburg, who was a beloved member of our faculty from 1980 to his passing in 2010. But we could not be more thrilled that Professors Hartnett and Williams are embarking on this project.” 

Literary agent Esther Newberg from ICM Talent represents Ginsburg, Hartnett and Williams, and Alice Mayhew at Simon and Schuster will be the book’s editor.

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