Georgetown Law to Launch Symposia on Public-Private Partnerships

July 24, 2014 —

Georgetown Law is pleased to announce a series of symposia on public-private partnerships to be held during the 2014-15 academic year. 

Building on the kick-off event at the White House Rural Council’s Rural Opportunity Investment Conference today, the symposia will bring together government officials, commercial practitioners and academic leaders in a neutral, bipartisan space, encouraging the development of novel and effective approaches for public-private partnerships. 

The three full-day sessions will advance the ideas discussed at the Rural Opportunity Investment Conference, broadening opportunities for partnering, providing a venue for sharing knowledge and best practices, and promoting economic growth.

Georgetown Law Dean William M. Treanor, the host of the July 24 lunch in conjunction with the Rural Opportunity Investment Conference, said that public-private partnerships represent a great, untapped opportunity to solve many of the challenges our nation is facing today. “Federal, state and local governments obviously have fiscal constraints, but America needs investments in public infrastructure and services,” he said. “Our symposium will provide a neutral environment for the development of novel, transparent and effective approaches for public-private partnerships that can effectively address unmet needs.”

The October 31, 2014 session, “Structuring Public-Private Partnerships for Asset Management,” will explore ways in which the private sector and government can partner to more efficiently manage the financial assets of the federal government.  Opportunities may include introducing new management methodologies and partnerships and reconciling differences in private and public sector contracting provisions.

A second session to be held in early 2015, “Partnering with State and Local Governments,” will explore pathways for recognizing partnership opportunities, collaborations among state and local governments to share expertise, and structures to reduce risks while maximizing local taxpayer value. Topics may include deriving value from underutilized or undermanaged assets, requirements for authorizing legislation and resources for managing partnerships and contracts.

A third session later in the year, “Driving Successful Execution of Public-Private Partnerships,” will seek to identify roadblocks to implementation and key factors to success, including sound contract design, thoughtful risk allocation and well-structured relationships. Topics may include the development of partner qualification and procurement procedures, challenges presented by statutory constraints, information sharing and privacy.

To support the establishment of the Public-Private Partnership Symposia, the Georgetown University Law Center is assembling an ongoing working group composed of current and former government officials as well as academic researchers with expertise in crafting and delivering successful public-private partnerships.  For more information, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

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