There’s an App for That

August 17, 2015 — Want to experience a national security crisis simulation through the eyes of a J.D. student? View a TED talk by an environmental law professor? Compare the merits of the Law Center’s terrific transnational programs? There’s an app for that.

iPad ReaderDesigners at Georgetown Law are adapting some of the Law Center’s print publications for tablet use through an app available through iTunes. So a student, prospective student, alum or visitor can now do more than read about National Security Law, Environmental Law and Policy, and Transnational Programs at Georgetown. Users can view slideshows, video and even interactive maps for a richer, fuller picture of life at the Law Center. 

“Adobe, which was providing the software for our print publications, was building a platform to produce them as e-publications, and they already had clients like the National Geographic and The New Yorker,” explains Brent Futrell, Georgetown Law’s director of design. “You can take advantage of the interactivity, you can take advantage of the fact that a tablet always produces great photos.”

Not only does utilizing app stores and publication channels like iTunes leverage the value and extend the reach of Georgetown Law’s print publications, he notes, but it also allows for in-depth user analytics (for those who are keeping track).

But don’t take our word for how great they are; check them out on your tablet here. And be sure to note the fun colors, graphics and fonts.  “Centers like the Georgetown Climate Center, they already do a lot that is interactive,” says Senior Designer Ines Hilde. “So you can enhance it, you can make it more interesting. It invites users to explore the subject matter through different means, which is the essence of what we do as designers.”

Click here to download the app.

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