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Experts Convene to Discuss Public-Private Partnerships

November 5, 2014 —

Following a kickoff luncheon at the White House Rural Council’s Rural Opportunity Investment Conference last summer, Georgetown Law hosted the latest in its Public-Private Partnership Symposia on October 31. “Structuring Public-Private Partnerships for Asset Management and Co-Investment” looked at effective approaches to public-private partnerships, emphasizing best practices in the stewardship of publicly held assets.

“By bringing together government officials, commercial practitioners and academic leaders, we’re seeking to broaden opportunities for partnering and providing a venue to share knowledge of best practices for economic growth,” said Associate Dean James V. Feinerman, who served as a moderator along with Professor Emma Coleman Jordan and Professor Chris Brummer. “We’re hoping to explore the many ways in which the private sector and government can partner to manage more effectively the portfolios that they share, and encourage and discuss new opportunities.”

Which, when investing in America’s future, can create some novel challenges. As Alfred Puchala, Jr. (L’88), the CEO of Capitol Peak Asset Management noted, the real need is for critical infrastructure — not just bridges, highways and airports but electricity, water, gas and housing — to be upgraded or modified. “The government does a very good job of supporting many of these regions and sectors, but it needs more resources,” said Puchala.

Matt McKenna (L’75, L’78), an adviser at the Department of Agriculture and former senior vice president for finance at PepsiCo, and Joseph M. McDade Jr. (F’85, L’88), principal deputy general counsel at the U.S. Air Force, helped discuss the management of federal loan portfolios. Dean William M. Treanor introduced Vanguard founder John C. Bogle (H’07), who delivered a luncheon keynote. “I’ve used this phrase for a long time: ‘Ideas are a dime a dozen, but implementation is everything’ — and so it is with public and private partnerships…” Bogle said. “Values and ethics should guide these new forms of relations emerging from the public and private sector."

Bogle's full speech may be found here.

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