Georgetown Law Signs Charter for International Scholarship Competition

October 21, 2013 — On October 19, Dean William M. Treanor and two international guests signed a charter marking the Law Center’s participation in Premios Futuros Juristas Latinoamericanos.

The Premios is a competition in which the deans of Latin American law schools nominate their most accomplished graduates for a full LL.M. scholarship at one of three institutional sponsors — the law school at University Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico, the educational institute of the Spanish law firm Garrigues and the newest participant, Georgetown Law. 

The most recent first-place winner, Jorgelina Gastelum (LL.M.’14), a graduate of Monterrey, was chosen from more than 200 participants and started at Georgetown this fall, studying international business and economics. Gastelum watched as Gabriel Cavazos Villanueva, dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration and Public Policy at Tecnologico de Montererrey, and Ferran Escayola, managing partner of Garrigues in New York, signed the charter along with Treanor in McDonough Hall.

“One of our terrific assets is the reputation we have in Latin America,” said Treanor, who credited alumni, Professor Joe Page, and Professor Alvaro Santos for their contributions in this area. “I know that there will be many more initiatives and many more extraordinary students coming to Georgetown.”

Professor Nan Hunter, associate dean for Graduate Programs, noted that Georgetown has always had a strong connection to law schools in Latin America. “It marks our commitment to be a part of this co-sponsorship and to offer an LL.M. scholarship each year to the rising stars of the legal profession, like Jorgelina.”

Professor Santos said the event was a “a really good example of the direction we want to go. I hope the partnership remains strong, and from this partnership [we will see] many more students and many other initiatives. … It’s a great omen for the years to come.”

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