Cannabis Discussion Board

I’m working with Alison on this idea for the cannabis project we created the website for a couple of months ago. Basically this project bought together around 30 people who were the ones who had access to this password protected site (

In order to continue on the project we wanted to be able to keep in touch with all the participants through a discussion board on this forum where I can select certain topics and have participants join certain topic discussions and upload relevant documents. In this sense we would need the forum/discussion board to either be on this original page or to also be password protected so that only these participants can access it. It would only be a discussion board for certain topics and a way to upload documents. I don’t think we need anything else. We would want this to be tied to different email lists so that when people sign up and someone comments, their comment gets emailed. I don’t want everyone to get all the emails for all the comments but only for the topics the sign up for. We do not need a registration page and because it is only for these participants the forum will not be moderated and items will not need approval before they are sent out.