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Jeff Collmann

Jeff Collmann

Center Director, Disease Prevention and Health Outcomes and Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies

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Dr. Jeffrey Collmann leads the O’Neill effort at the School of Nursing and Health Studies. In collaboration with other O’Neill faculty and staff, he focuses on mobilizing interdisciplinary, cross-campus project teams to gather, analyze and report on “evidence” for domestic and global health law reforms. Dr. Collmann also teaches undergraduate courses in Australian culture and graduate courses in the anthropology of infectious disease and biodefense.

Before joining the O’Neill Institute, Dr. Collmann held a senior faculty position in the ISIS Center, Department of Radiology, Georgetown University Medical Center. He developed major projects in health information assurance and biosurveillance. A political anthropologist interested in complex organization, Dr. Collmann investigates the performance of bureaucracies in achieving complex responsibilities such as protecting personal health information, monitoring infectious disease across the world, or responding to emergencies.

Collmann holds a PhD from Adelaide University, Australia, 1980 and was a Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Tennessee from 1987-1990. He also holds a MA(Econ) from the University of Manchester, UK, 1975 and a BA from Lehigh University, USA 1970.

Selected Publications


Jacobs, Bette, Jason Roffenbender, Jeffrey Collmann, Katherine Cherry, LeManuel L Bitsoi, Kimberly Bassett, and Charles H Evans Jr. "Bridging the Divide Between Genomic Science and Indigenous Peoples." The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 38, no. 2 (2010): 684-696.