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Zika Virus Media Coverage

The following document represents media coverage of the Zika virus involving Georgetown faculty from campuses including the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Medical Center, and the chemistry and biology departments at Georgetown University. Read More

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FDA Announces Plan to Tackle Tobacco Use … Someday
Wednesday, August 2 with Eric Lindblom
Undark Tags: FDA

FDA Plans to Curb Nicotine Levels in Tobacco
Friday, July 28 with Eric Lindblom
Medscape Tags: FDA

FDA to Shift Tobacco Regulatory Focus
Friday, July 28 with Eric Lindblom
MedPage Today Tags: FDA

E-Cig Summit: Does FDA Regulation Go Too Far?
Monday, May 15 with Eric Lindblom
Medscape Tags: public health FDA


Toward a Middle Ground in Regulating E-cigarettes
Thursday, April 9 with Eric Lindblom
Penn Reg Blog

Effectively regulating e-cigarettes
Wednesday, March 25 with Eric Lindblom
UK Health Forum

E-Cigarettes TV Commercials Prompt Craving For A Real Cigarette
Saturday, March 14 with Eric Lindblom
States Chronicles

Enough evidence exists to regulate e-cigarettes, legal scholar argues
Friday, March 13 with Eric Lindblom
Consumer Affairs

E-Cigarette Marketing and the First Amendment
Thursday, March 12 with Eric Lindblom
Yale Journal on Regulation

Time Is Right for E-Cig Regulation
Thursday, March 12 with Eric Lindblom
MedPage Today