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Health Tips from
Professor Lawrence Gostin

Each month, we will bring you a new health tip from O'Neill Institute Faculty Director and Professor, Lawrence O. Gostin. Professor Gostin holds the Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law. For more information about Professor Gostin, please click here.

April 2014


March 2014

Resistance bearing exercise (weight training) is an important part of fitness, especially as you get older (so get into the habit now). Don’t use those little weights, but something that will tax your muscles. And remember to eat good quality protein very soon after weight training. Be strong.

February 2014

Recent meta analysis found that sugar intake was highly correlated to overweight and obesity, with higher risks of cardiovascular disease. Remember, sugar is hidden in so many foods (e.g., processed foods, bread, yogurt). Stay healthy. Avoid sugar, particularly the hidden ingredients. And also remember, sugar is sugar: doesn't matter if it is brown or white, high fructose corn syrup… sugar is sugar in all its various forms.

january 2014

Most people don't realize it but sleep is vital for health and wellbeing. You may think you don't need a full 8 hours, but you do. Stay restful and relaxed.

december 2013

Do you get enough physical activity? Remember to walk, climb the stairs, bicycle, dance, or whatever makes you fit and active. Next month, I will tell you about the goals of physical exercise (the more intense form of activity, with its three elements).

october 2013

When you buy foods, scrutinize the labels for hidden fats, sugars, and sodium.

august 2013

This month, Prof. Gostin explores, "Is Sugar Toxic?": Think before you put sugar in your mouth — whether in sugary drinks, in coffee, or tea, and especially hidden in processed foods. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proposed a controversial portion restriction that would limit the portion of high-sugar beverages to a maximum 16-oz size.

You can read more about Mayor Bloomberg's soda portion ban on the O'Neill Institute blog and here.