Focus Areas
Trade, Investment and Health

Trade, Investment and Health aims to bridge the gap between public health and international trade and investment law. The area is focused on the effects of trade and investment agreements on domestic regulatory autonomy.

Featured Project

Confronting the Tobacco Epidemic in a New Era of Trade and Investment Liberalization

This updated brief, published by WHO, and targeted at policy makers, provides a simplified overview of how international trade and investment agreements affect tobacco control and sets out a number of approaches to reduce the risks of non-compliance with trade agreements and to reform international investment agreements.

The O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University was established in 2007 through the generous philanthropy of Linda and Timothy O’Neill to respond to the need for innovative solutions to the most pressing national and international health concerns. Housed at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C., the O’Neill Institute reflects the importance of public and private law in health policy analysis. The O’Neill Institute draws upon the University's considerable intellectual resources, including the School of Nursing & Health Studies, School of Medicine, the Public Policy Institute, and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics.