Thematic Areas

Phase 1

The O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University has launched the Legal Solutions in Health Reform project to provide a thorough analysis of the legal issues relating to health reform, and to outline solutions to some of the most significant legal problems in the health reform debate. Also, be sure to visit the new Legal Issues in Health Reform Blog.

Project Overview and Emerging Themes

Elenora E. Connors, JD, MPH
Timothy M. Westmoreland, JD

The project overview provides a broad understanding of the purpose and layout of the project; the formulation and definition of key legal issues; a brief review of each of the topics covered in the project; a survey of current health statistics in the United States; a discussion of the role of the federal versus state roles in health reform; a review of agencies and committees with jurisdiction over health reform issues; and a survey of means of enforcing health reforms.

View the original May 2008 framing paper for the Legal Solutions in Health Reform project:

In the first phase of the project, eight significant legal issues were identified and analyzed. Rather than endorse specific policy proposals, each paper provides a concise analysis of a complex and identifies practical, workable solutions.