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Documents by Chapter

Each document has its own box.  The box contains, on the top bold line, the name of the document.  This is followed by the legal citation (not in bold).  Under these lines, the box contains one or more sources for opening the document.  In the left-hand column (“HTML”or “PDF”), the reader can access the official document copy, hosted on RossRights.  This permits rapid access to the document.  In the right-hand column (“External Link”), the reader can access the same document on an official website.  This link will often take more time to appear than the PDF or HTML copy, but should be used for official legal citations. Where there is an asterisk (*) in the box, it indicates that there is an explanatory footnote directly below the box, which tells the reader how to access/locate the document.

For all United Nations Treaties, the source marked "Original" contains the UN General Assembly Resolution (G.A. res.) adopting the relevant treaty, which is found in the "Annex" following the Resolution.  The source marked "UN High Comm'r for Human Rights" contains the relevant treaty, without the G.A. res. When following a link that requires searching for a symbol, there are several preliminary steps: first, copy the listed symbol and click the link, second; select a language; third, clicking the "Simple Search" button; and fourth, paste the symbol into the "Symbol" blank and click the "Search" button.