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Note: All updates made since August 2008 publication of Women's Human Rights.

(Go to the Chapter page for full details and the relevant citation, Check back often, as

new information will be added as soon as it becomes available.)

Chapter 1 Added report from the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights concerning the discrimination and abuse women face in Afghanistan; Added article from Human Rights Watch concerning sex segregation in Saudi Arabia; Added article from NY Times about Kuwait electing first women to their Parliament.
Chapter 2 Added Nguyen case, a post-VMI case that dealt with sex discrimination.
Chapter 3  
Chapter 4 Included new research tutorial for students who which to study religious law in a comparative setting; Updated Other Developments section; Added Human Rights Watch report on sex segregation and male guardianship.
Chapter 5 Posted excerpt detailing the changes in South African succession law; Added two amicus briefs in support of Gonzalez and Campo Algodonero; Added the admissiblity report from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights case Gonzales v. United States of America, as well as the original Supreme Court case; added the Constitutive Act of the African Union; added the new Protocol on the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights; Added Bhe case and the resulting statute; added updates on the progress toward an Asian Human Rights body.
Chapter 6 Posted updates to the amount of parties who have ratified Protocol's 7 and 12 of the European Convention
Chapter 7 Added 2006 Directive Amending the 1976 Equal Treatment Directive and the 1976 Equal Treatment Directive as amended by the 2002 Directive; added excerpt from ILO book explaining Regulations, Directives, and Recommendations; added Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Chapter 8  
Chapter 9  
Chapter 10 Added Medellin and a report about its implications to the Other Developments section.
Chapter 11 Added amicus brief concerning the case of Algodonero v. Mexico; Added new section on Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Combat Zones; Added United States Supreme Court Decision in Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales.
Chapter 12 Added US Federal Statute banning FGM. Updated Population statistics.
Chapter 13  
Chapter 14